Beauty Tips: To avoid skin infection, use glycerin in this way

Beauty Tips : स्किन इंफेक्शन से बचने के लिए इस तरह इस्तेमाल करें ग्लिसरीन

Glycerin Skin Care

The winter season is about to begin. It is very important to take special care of the skin in this season. Glycerin can be used to get rid of dry skin in winter. The scientific name for glycerin is glycerol which is used in body lotions and hydrating creams. It keeps the skin hydrated and helps reduce itching and infection.

Glycerin is used in many types of cosmetic products. Using this makes the skin look glowing and healthy. Using it regularly helps in getting rid of acne, pimples. Let us know about the benefits of glycerin.

1. Makeup Remover

Glycerin helps to keep the skin glowing. You can use it to remove heavy makeup. For this, you have to mix glycerin in rose water and apply it on the face with the help of cotton. In a few minutes the makeup will be thoroughly cleaned. While applying this mixture, keep in mind that glycerin does not get in the eyes.

2. Toner

Glycerin can be used to tighten the skin. You can use it as a toner in your daily skincare routine. For this, take half a cup of rose water and add a spoonful of glycerin to it. Put a cotton ball in it and apply it well on the skin.

3. Moisturizer

Glycerin is used as a moisturizer in many cosmetic products. You can also use almond oil for this. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E which helps in getting rid of skin problems.

4. Night Cream

You can also use glycerin as a night cream on the skin. For this, it helps to keep the skin youthful while hydrating you naturally.

5. Removes Acne

Glycerin can be used to remove acne. It has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the inflammation of the skin. Has moisturizing properties to retain the moisture of the skin.

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