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April Fool’s Day 2021: Why Fool’s Day is celebrated on April 1, know funny stories

No solid reason has been revealed till date about April Fool’s Day. But there are definitely some funny stories and stories about this day. Learn about those funny stories here.

Why fool’s day is celebrated, know funny stories

Fool’s Day is celebrated all over the world on April 1. On this day people make fun of each other. They make fools and no one feels bad about these fun. In some places, this day is known as All Fools’ Day. In many countries, this day is a holiday.

Although no firm reason has been found till date about why April Fool’s Day is celebrated every year on April 1. But there are some interesting stories and stories about this day. Learn about these funny stories here.

Beginning in 1381

There is a funny anecdote of King Richard II of England about April Fool’s Day. It is said that Richard II and Queen Anne of Bohemia announced that they were going to engage on the day of 32 March 1381. People were very happy to hear this news. Celebrated and made all the preparations for this day. But when 31 March came, he realized that he had been fooled, because 32 March would never come. Since then, the next day of March 31, ie April 1, Fool’s Day began to be celebrated.

The anecdote of the Gregorian calendar

Some experts relate the beginning of this day to the year 1582, when France abandoned the Julian calendar and adopted the Gregorian calendar. Actually, in the Julian calendar, the new year started on 1 April, but when Pope Charles 9 started the Gregorian calendar, people could not know about that change and started celebrating the new year on 1 April just like every year. In such a situation, they were mocked and called April Fools. This day started since then.

Story of donkeys bath

An anecdote of the year 1860 is also famous. It is said that once in London, people got information through post by post card that there would be a program of bathing white donkeys in the Tower of London on the evening of 1 April. You are invited to watch this program. Please also bring this post card with you. At that time the common people were not allowed to enter the Tower of London. After this, on the evening of 1 April, thousands of people gathered near the Tower of London. There was a push for entry. Then people came to know that they have been fooled. After this he returned to home. From then on, on April 1, the practice of fooling started.

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