5 ways to experience ‘spa-tastic’ at home, know

घर पर 'स्पा-टेस्टिक' अनुभव करने के 5 तरीके, जानिए

It is not right to go to salons and spas in the time of COVID but if you try, you can get spa things at home and keep yourself better.


Due to the pressure of work, coupled with the changed lifestyle, the lines between work and life often blur, making it difficult to relax at home. Stress can take a toll on not only your physical and mental health but also your skin.

The stress hormone cortisol can increase oil production in the skin glands and cause acne breakouts. Don’t want to indulge in some downtime or head to the spa to pamper your skin, absorb all the goodness and say goodbye to stress?

Don’t tease! Here’s a quick 5-point plan that will help you create a ‘spa-tastic’ experience from the comfort of your own home.

Privacy : Privacy is top of mind when creating a home spa experience, with uninterrupted ‘me-time’ and ‘my-space’ working best for your mood. This is the time when you invest in taking care of yourself by keeping all the distractions away. You will feel lighter and happier by isolating yourself while preparing for the anticipation of ‘Me-Day’ at home and the home spa experience.

Body Wash: Investing in a good bodywash will not only help create an uber premium spa-like experience, but will also help reduce stress on your skin. Using several massage tools can help loosen tight muscles, promote circulation, and make you feel better. You can try shower gels which are rich in the goodness of nature, and they moisturize the skin, making it feel soft and happy.

Soothing Music: It is rightly said that ‘Music not only relaxes the body but also the soul’. You can enter your favorite song or ambient sound depending on your preference. Soft soothing music can be a bummer that can quickly take you into a more relaxing environment.

perfumed candles : Now is the best time to use those scented candles that are lying in the corner of your house. The right amount of lighting can create a great stress-free mood. Lighting the bathroom with candles and incense sticks can help fill the area with a soothing and calming scent and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Take your time : The most important aspect of enjoying this me-time is not to turn on the timer. Don’t rush, treat your mind and body with this soulful experience as long as you want. After all, indulging in self-care is one of the best investments of time and one of the biggest luxuries that you can get yourself.

Keep these tips handy, the next time you want to treat yourself to a ‘spa-tastic’ experience to de-stress.

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