5 makeup tricks you need to know to make your face look thinner

5 मेकअप ट्रिक्स जो आपको अपने चेहरे को पतला दिखाने के लिए जानना जरूरी है

Thin Face

I have always considered makeup as an art that can change your life. It has the power to change your attitude very quickly. Truth be told, most of us women, despite being beautiful, are not satisfied with the way we look.

There are some days when we don’t feel like we were slimmer. And that’s where makeup comes in. While there are a variety of makeup techniques, wouldn’t you love it if it transforms your face?

This is right. You need to know how to apply makeup properly which can enhance your face properly. It can add a charm to your face and can easily create an illusion to make your face look thinner and smoother.

But before applying makeup, you have to hydrate your face. Incorporate cleansing, scrubbing and moisturizing into your skincare routine. Then let’s get started.

focus on eyes

Make your eyes pop by choosing a shimmery shade. Emphasizing on the eyes will divert the attention from your face. Opt for three colors – light shimmer in the corner, light brown in the middle and dark shimmer at the end. Apply kohl on the waterline or you can also apply cat-eye.

cover dark circles

The biggest need of every girl is to cover the dark circles while doing makeup. Dark circles do not make your face look good. Level up with foundation and light tone concealer as they can quickly enhance your look.

Contour Right and Highlight

Although contouring is the key to a slimmer face, it is also important to apply it correctly. It can easily hide your natural features. Pay attention to your jawline, cheekbones, nose and your temples. The higher the contour shade, the higher your cheekbones will appear. Also, highlight your T-zone and your eyebrows.

Get the right size of eyebrows

Round eyebrows or straight eyebrows will not give you a slim face. So first fill in your brows without making them too artificial, and create an arched shape that compliments your face.


Choose pink or orange shades for a natural look but don’t limit it to the apples of your cheeks. Instead, extend it to the temples so that it lifts up your face.

Lastly, you don’t want to go with bold lip colors as they do nothing to tone your face. Choose a neutral tone or tinted lip gloss that will accentuate your makeup.

Try these tricks and let us know if they work for you?

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