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What to do with the heart, sir! If there is pain in the chest, do not take it lightly, it may be bad condition… know in 5 points, how to take care?

take care of your heart

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How to Care Your Heart: Actor Siddharth Shukla at the age of 40, Puneet Rajkumar at the age of 46, Legend spinner Shane Warne at the age of 52 and many other celebrities have died of heart attack at a young age.

How to keep your heart healthy: If you have high blood pressure in a busy lifeBlood Pressure), diabetes, impaired lipid profile, increased cholesterol (cholesterol), overweight and obesity (Obesity), then you should be alert from now on, because all these factors are heart disease (Heart Disease) increase the risk. Doctors recommend that we have to make changes in our lifestyle to reduce its increasing risk. Along with making a distance from fried things and fast food, you will have to exercise for half an hour for at least five days a week. Dr Rajan Thakur, Chairman & MD, Heart Hospital, Patna says that we can reduce the risk of disease by making positive changes in our lifestyle.

If we see the trend of the last few years, people are getting heart attack even at the age of 40-50 years, whereas earlier this was not the case. Recently, many celebrities of Bollywood, Telewood and cricket world died due to heart attack. Actor Siddharth Shukla at the age of 40, Puneet Rajkumar at the age of 46, legend spinner Shane Warne at the age of 52 and many other celebrities have died of heart attack at a young age. So the question is how do we take care of our day. What to do if you have chest pain, what to do if you are short of breath? In this regard, we have spoken to Dr. Rajan Thakur of Heart Hospital.

1. Is gas the reason for the problem of chest pain?

Often people assume to themselves that there is a problem of chest pain due to gas, whereas, sometimes it can prove to be fatal. Dr Rajan says, if there is a problem of chest pain again and again, then never take medicine on your own considering it as the cause of gas, if you cannot go to the hospital, then at least consult your family doctor. Take the same medicine. Do not hesitate to go to the hospital at all, because only by being alert we can reduce the danger.

2. What to do if you have chest pain under the age of 30?

Dr Rajan says, chest pain under the age of 30 is not a matter of much concern. Initially, you can take gas medicine by showing it to the clinic doctor. Even after this, if you do not get relief, then consult a cardiologist and get some initial heart disease tests done. For example, ECG, Troponin test, if its report is correct, then there is nothing to worry about. At the same time, if there is a wrong report, then after consulting the doctor, get the city angiogram done, by this you will know the result within ten minutes. If its report is also wrong, then do angiography, otherwise get coronary angiography done.

3. What should be taken care of by people above 40 years of age?

Dr Rajan says that people above 40 years of age should take medicine regularly for recurrent chest pain. Because, the drug controls the risk factor. Also, apart from having a moderate diet, they should avoid too much salt, fatty food, sugar. They should do exercise for half an hour at least five days a week. Apart from this, they should also avoid smoking, before breakfast they can eat fruits like apple, guava. At the same time, they can also do basic tests like ECG, Treadmill, 2 DECO to detect heart related diseases.

4. What to do if there is no Heart Specialist in the village?

Dr Rajan says, there is a severe shortage of health facilities in rural areas. Cardiologists will not be available, in such a situation, if someone starts having chest pain while living in the village, then they should meet a good physician in the beginning. Apart from this, villagers can also take the help of telemedicine. The prevalence of telemedicine is gradually increasing in India, during the COVID epidemic, the scope of telemedicine has increased even more. Later, you can come to the city and show it to a heart specialist.

5. Why is it necessary to consult a doctor in case of dizziness, shortness of breath?

Dr Rajan says, dizziness, breathlessness, fainting can also be signs of serious illness. Therefore, the doctor should be consulted without ignoring it. Because, it is often seen that old, female or diabetic patients do not have chest pain, but when they walk, they feel short of breath, tired, they do not feel like walking. This is a serious sign of heart-related diseases, in which case consult a doctor immediately.

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It is also important to note that

Dr Rajan says, after recovering from any serious disease, we may again have the same disease or some other disease in its place. In such a situation, follow-up is very important to avoid this type of danger. By follow-up, we can get to know how much effect the medicine is having on that disease. How much the symptoms of the disease are improving, all this information is available only from the follow-up.

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