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The connection between weight and dating: Why do overweight people in the long term and fit bodies believe in short term relationships?

The weight of a person also affects his thinking in terms of dating.

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Connection between weight and dating intentions: The weight of a person says a lot about his personality. This has been proved in recent research. Research has found a connection between weight and thinking about dating. Read full report…

human weight (Weight) also says a lot about his personality. This has also been proved in recent research. Research in weight and dating (datingThe connection has been found regarding the thinking of doing ) . Research says that overweight people believe in long-term relationships, while lean people prefer to have short-term relationships. This claim was made by the University of Arkansas (USA)University of Arkansas) researchers. Researchers say, in new research, an attempt has been made to know how human thinking changes due to the size of the human body.

How the connection between weight and relationship was understood and what important things came out in the research, understand in 5 points

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  1. Researchers say that the increased weight of humans has always been considered as a drawback. Research has found that this thing changes the thinking about that person’s relationship. To understand this, research was done on 295 people. Many things came out in the research.
  2. Research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships says, for the research, scientists created 4 types of 3D bodies of women and men on computers. These included high and low fat bodies, muscular bodies and large breasted bodies. 295 people who participated in the research were asked to give ratings by looking at these 3D bodies.
  3. The rating results were shocking. Research revealed that overweight women and men were in favor of a longer relationship. At the same time, the thinking of slim looking women and men was opposite. In the fit body hair, chose such a relationship which is for a short time.
  4. Researcher Mitt Brown says, in research, it has been proved that body size is largely related to its relationship. If a person considers himself to be attractive, then he prefers a short term relationship. This is because they feel that there is more scope for success in this type of relationship.
  5. Not only the weight of the body, women’s sandals also add to their beauty. According to research from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania, when women wear high heels, their beauty is enhanced. At the same time, the same women do not attract men as much when they wear flat shoes or slippers.

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