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Loan repayment tension over, PNB started this new service for its customers

Now with the UPI app kept in the mobile, not only the purchase and shopping of vegetables and vegetables will be done, but the EMI of the home loan can also be paid. The government bank has started this facility of PNB. You can easily repay the loan installment with PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm etc.

Government Bank Punjab National Bank (PNB) has given a great convenience to its customers. This facility is for repaying the loan amount. Punjab National Bank has said that now there is no need to run around with checks to repay the loan. Now customers can repay the loan amount from anywhere and anytime. PNB customers till now had to go to the branch of their bank with the cheque. Now this work will be done from mobile. Loan EMI (EMI) Payment can be made from the UPI app kept in your mobile. For this, if the customer wants Google Pay, Phone Pay or Paytm (Paytm) can be used. That is, the creditors can now pay the loan EMI quickly even through UPI. Check tension is over.

PNB has given information about this new service in a tweet. It has been told through a tweet that now it has become easier to pay loan EMI through UPI. The customer can now do this work from mobile.

What did PNB say?

According to PNB, if you have the UPI app on your phone, then you can validate your loan account through ‘Fetch and Pay Solution’ on it. It is necessary to do this work because money should not be transferred to the wrong account. Make sure to mix the name of the loan account and the loan amount, only then transfer the money. This matching facility is available in every UPI app.

Pay loan instantly from mobile

PNB in ​​its tweet has told customers, BHIM or other BBPS supported app can be used for loan repayment. Such mobile apps include Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe etc. With the help of these apps, loan installment can be deposited every month. The best thing is that there is an exemption to pay part or part of the rest of the loan amount. It is not necessary that the EMI should be paid as much. Standing instruction is also given by PNB for repayment of loan.

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With this new service, customers will get a lot of convenience as they will be able to pay the loan EMI from mobile itself. In view of the rapid increase in the use of mobile, PNB has started giving its full benefits to its customers. UPI transactions have grown very fast as compared to earlier and it is seeing a steady increase. Implementing this, PNB has given the facility of UPI for loan repayment.

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