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If he became an MLA 5 times, then the leader used to take five times the pension!…

In Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party government has decided to give one MLA one pension.

Punjab One MLA One Pension: The Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab has decided to have one MLA one pension, after which the MLAs of Punjab will be able to get only one pension.

Aam Aadmi Party came in government with historic majority in Punjab (Aam Aadmi Party) He has taken many big decisions one after the other. In this sequence, many important decisions have been taken by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, including a decision regarding the pension of MLAs. In fact, the Punjab Government (Punjab Government) Has fulfilled the promise of ‘One MLA, One Pension’. After this decision, MLAs will be able to take pension for the same tenure, whereas earlier it was not so.

In such a situation, today we tell you what is the new decision taken by the Punjab government regarding the pension of MLAs. Also, we know that how the MLAs used to get pension in the state earlier and now how different this new decision is. After this you will be able to understand how much money can be saved by this decision of the government…

What decision has the government taken?

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has taken many decisions, including approval of 26454 recruitments of various departments. Apart from this, the government has taken several decisions related to one MLA, one pension, door-to-door ration delivery scheme, 41.8 crore compensation for damage of soft crop in Muktsar district, extension of 3 months for depositing fees for small transporters. went. In this, more mention is being made of one MLA, one pension.

What is one MLA-one pension decision?

According to this decision taken by the government, now an MLA will be given pension only for one term. Now it will not matter that which leader has contested the election of MLA for how many times. Now the pension will be given on the basis of only one term of the MLA, it is believed that the expenditure on the pension of MLAs can be reduced significantly.

How is pension given first?

At present, the pension given to MLAs is given on the basis of their tenure. For example, suppose a legislator has won the election five times, then that person will get pension according to five times. For example, 50 thousand pension is given for one time, then the MLA who wins five times is given a pension of about 2.5 lakh rupees. But, now it has been decided to do it on a pension basis.

How much pension do you get?

Recently, in his statements given regarding one MLA, one pension, it was told on behalf of the CM that the MLA is given a pension of about 75 thousand rupees per month for one time. At the same time, when the pension is given according to the tenure, the MLAs get a lot of money. Bhagwant Mann Sarkar has claimed that in five years up to 80 crores can be saved from this new system. Let us inform that at present, more than 325 former MLAs are getting pension in Punjab. Earlier, MLAs were taking multiple pensions based on the number of posts won in the elections. The MLAs were getting pension from Rs 3.50 lakh to Rs 5.25 lakh per month, which was proving to be a big burden on the exchequer of Punjab.

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