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Eating curd in summer is a panacea but do you know when and how many times a day it should be eaten!

Yogurt is a panacea for health, from reducing obesity, protecting against heart disease and strengthening the digestive system, as well as protecting it from other diseases.

health (HealthYogurt is a panacea, from reducing obesity, protecting against heart disease and strengthening the digestive system, as well as protecting it from other diseases, in the true sense, more than milk for the human body in many ways. Yogurt is necessary, because it contains more calcium than expected and it is easily digested, apart from this, there are also large amounts of vitamins and minerals in curd, but if it is consumed more than the prescribed amount or is eaten at such a time. If it is not right, then it can also do harm, let us know what is the right time and quantity to consume curd and what are the benefits and harms to health by eating it.

This is the right time to eat curd

The best time to eat curd is in the afternoon, according to dietitians, eating curd in the afternoon is good for digestion, because curd has a cold effect, so if it is consumed at night, then you will have to face health problems. It may be that in the same way curd has more bile and phlegm enhancing properties.

quantity should be

According to a health website, 1 medium bowl of curd can be eaten in the afternoon, more curd should not be taken, and if there is a cold or any problem then curd should not be eaten in this situation.

Always eat fresh curd

The most important thing for those who eat curd is that whenever curd is eaten, it should be fresh, curd kept in the fridge should not be eaten.

These are the advantages

Helpful in reducing obesity: Very few people are aware that curd plays a big role in reducing obesity, in fact, curd prevents cholesterol from increasing, which improves blood flow, due to which fat does not accumulate.

Prevents heart disease: The use of curd does not cause heart diseases, since cholesterol is low, there are no problems related to blood pressure and the kidneys are also healthy.

Get rid of ulcers: If mouth ulcers are becoming a problem, then they can also be cured with curd, just mix honey in curd and apply it on the ulcers, it will give relief.

Helpful in enhancing beauty: Curd is also helpful in increasing the beauty of the face and hair, for this, mix multani mitti in curd and apply it in the hair, it makes the hair soft and stops fall, curd can also be used to remove dandruff from the hair. Mixing gram flour in it and applying it on the face for 10 minutes also brings color to the face, if the skin is oily then honey can be applied in it.

Beneficial for the digestive system: Yogurt contains bacteria or probiotics, which are beneficial in keeping the digestive system strong, provided salt is not added to it, because these bacteria are destroyed by adding salt.

Do not take these things with curd

Salt: Yogurt should never be eaten by adding salt, as it destroys the bacteria.

milk : To avoid the problem of acidity, curd and milk should never be taken together.

fruit: Fruit and yogurt contain different enzymes that can affect the digestive system.

Hot food : Curd is cold in nature, that is why it should never be eaten with hot food.

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These are the disadvantages

  • If someone is obese or has a complaint of diabetes, then they should not consume curd mixed with sugar, otherwise it will be harmful for them.
  • Those who are allergic to lactose should avoid curd, otherwise there may be problems like stomach pain, vomiting.
  • Such people who are allergic to milk, they should not consume curd daily, otherwise there may be many problems on the skin.

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