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After giving the check, like Aadhaar, you can lock the payment from the phone, no one will be able to miss

Through the positive pay system, you can give double security to the check. You can lock the check by visiting the PNB One app. With this, no one will be able to cheat your cheque. For cash payment by cheque, you have to verify yourself.

Cheating fraud (Check Fraud) is common. Even the check is in someone else’s name, but the money reaches someone else. The name written on the check is erased and some other name is put. Incidents of all frauds come to the fore. That’s when banks introduced positive pay system (Positive Pay System) to make check payment safe.Positive Pay System) is introduced. With this positive pay system, you can give double security to the cheque. Then any fraudulent person will not be able to cheat the check. Punjab National Bank (PNB) has started its new system for its customers. Your checks can be made more secure with the help of PNB One App.

You can download PNB’s One App on your mobile and make checks completely secure. PNB customers can authenticate their checks twice through the PNBOne app. With this, a person will not be able to forgery with the check because he will get double security. To prevent misuse of Aadhaar, the way you lock it, you can also lock your check with Positive Pay system so that no one can misuse it.

What did PNB say?

How will the check be locked?

You have to download the PNBOne app. Login to the app and go to the check section. There you will see Positive Pay System written. Through this system, you can enter all the information related to the check. Like date, amount of check etc. To authenticate twice, you have to go through this whole process. After this, no other person will be able to cheat or forge your check.

  • Login to PNB One App
  • click on check
  • Select Positive Pay System
  • Enter the required information like check number, check date, check amount, beneficiary name
  • Click on Continue
  • Now enter the transaction password

With this, your check will be safe and it will require re-verification to be cashed. No one else can do this verification except you. In this way, your check becomes completely safe.

How to Register on PNB One

If you want to take the facilities of PNB One App, then you have to register first. For this PNB has given some steps. By completing these steps, you can register on the PNB One app and take advantage of many banking facilities.

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  1. Click on “New User”
  2. Enter the Account Number and select the appropriate option for registration as per your choice – Mobile Banking or Both (Internet Banking and Mobile Banking)
  3. An OTP will be given on your registered mobile number. Enter OTP to proceed
  4. Enter your linked card number and pin number
  5. Set your login and transaction password
  6. After completing the above steps, on successful registration you will get a confirmation message for login with “User ID”
  7. Click on “Sign In” at the bottom of the page
  8. Enter your User ID and set your MPIN

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