KBC 13: Akshay Jyot quits the show by winning Rs 6 lakh 40 thousand, know which question he could not answer

KBC 13 : अक्षय ज्योत ने 6 लाख 40 हजार रुपये जीतकर क्विट किया शो, जानिए किस सवाल का नहीं दे पाए जवाब

In Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 (Kaun Banega Crorepati 13), Akshay Jyot Ratnu sat on the hot seat today. Know how much amount he won from the show.

Akshay won 6 lakh 40 thousand rupees

This week Ganesh Chaturthi special is being celebrated in Amitabh Bachchan’s quiz reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati 13. In today’s episode, Akshay Jyot Ratnu of Jodhpur sat on the hot seat by quickly answering three questions. Akshay has been preparing for civil service for the last 7 years. After sitting on the hot seat, he talked a lot with Big B. He went on to win 6 lakh 40 thousand rupees from this show.

Akshay had some doubts on the answer to the question of 12 lakh 50 thousand. After which he also took a life line 50-50. But due to lack of confirmation on his answer, he decided to quit the show. The question asked for 12 lakh 50 thousand is this- It is believed that in which of these places the name of ‘Geese’ is believed to be related to medicine? Four options are given to this question which are as follows- A. Ghaziwantep, B. Ghazipur, C. Gaza, D.) Ghaziabad. The correct answer to this question is- C.) Gaza. Akshay felt Gaza was right but he did not want to take the risk, so he decided to quit the show.

Do not go out of the house during the day

Akshay told that he has been preparing for civil service for the last 7 years. He does not come out of the house in the afternoon as people from the neighborhood ask him what happened, the exam did not pass or taunt him. But the day I stop preparing, then I should say this.

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