It is not a kissing woman’s lips but a flower… have you ever seen it?

ये Kiss करती महिला के लिप्स नहीं बल्कि एक फूल है... कभी आपने देखा है?

There are strange types of flowers in the world, which are quite strange in appearance. There is a flower in them, which looks like a lip and it seems as if a woman is kissing.

It is a flower, which looks like a lip and it seems as if a woman is kissing. (Photo: NaturelsWeird)

The figure you see in the photo above, at first glance, looks like a woman’s red lips. It seems as if a woman has lips and she has given the shape of this kiss, but it is not so. These are red flowers, which are very much liked. The leaves of this flower are like lips, hence it is also called Hooker Lips.

In such a situation, let us know what is special about these flowers and why is it so popular. Also, you will know that apart from its shape, for what reason these flowers prove to be useful for people.

Actually, there are more than 2,000 species of Psychrotria flowers, which look like hot lips in appearance. It is a plant of tropical rain regions of America, which grows in very few places. This is a unique plant, in which strange types of flowers grow and in appearance they are like the lips of a woman. It is very difficult to grow these plants and its cultivation is possible only in many adverse conditions. However, due to deforestation and climate change, this plant is slowly disappearing. So now it needs to be preserved, else it may get lost after a few days.

this is how the plant

These special types of plants grow as shrubs or small plants. The plant has simple matte green leaves. This flower has two leaves and a flower grows in the middle, which are of cream color. There are leaves of these flowers all around them. By the way, this plant attracts butterflies to itself. It is now very difficult to find it among the plants fighting for their existence. By the way, it is in great demand on Valentine’s Day.

used as medicine

This plant is also called hooker’s lip. Interestingly, this plant contains the chemical dimethyltryptamine, which has been used to treat diseases like arthritis, infertility and impotence, and many people use it as a traditional medicine and cure many diseases.

The Hot Lips Plant is more commonly found in areas of Central and South America such as Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama. Many things like soil, sun rays etc. are important for this plant to grow and due to lack of all kinds of nutrition, it is unable to grow. It is a matter of concern that due to deforestation and climate change, they are getting extinct, so it needs to be preserved.

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