World Arthritis Day: Arthritis patients increased after COVID, this disease is making youth victims too

World Arthritis Day : कोविड के बाद बढ़ गए गठिया के रोगी, युवाओं को भी शिकार बना रही है यह बीमारी

Joint pain is the most prominent symptom of arthritis

World Arthritis Day is celebrated every year on 12 October in the country. In some recent research, it has been told that the number of arthritis patients has increased after COVID. Apart from the elderly, this disease is also happening to the youth. Doctors say that if treatment is taken on time, then this disease can be cured.

Women are more prone to this disease

Dr Sanjeev Kapoor of the Department of Rheumatology, Indian Spinal Injuries Center said that arthritis is caused by the metabolism of a protein called purine. The amount of uric acid in the blood increases. When a person sits or sleeps for some time, these uric acids get deposited in the joints, which suddenly gives difficulty in walking or getting up. Gout disease is commonly seen in women. In some cases, such patients who were already complaining of this disease are seeing more trouble. According to Dr. Sanjeev, joint pain is the most prominent symptom of arthritis. If there is a complaint of stiffness or pain in the body after waking up in the morning, then the advice of doctors should be taken. If the treatment is done in time, soon the patient can get rid of this disease.

Patients have increased after COVID

According to Dr. Sanjeev, after COVID, the patients of Arthritis disease have increased significantly. These patients are being treated for a long time. Even in post covid problems, people are facing joint pain. Earlier, arthritis was more common in the elderly, but now the youth are also falling prey to this disease. The reason for this is that in the last two years, there has been a lot of change in the daily routine of the people. This problem is increasing due to lack of attention to the body.

These are the initial symptoms

According to Dr Vikas Kumar of GTB Hospital, Delhi, the initial symptoms in patients suffering from Arthritis disease are swelling and pain in the joints of hands and feet. If there is stiffness in the body and there is trouble in walking, then this is also a symptom of arthritis. If this is seen, it is necessary to get it checked immediately. If patients do not get their treatment done on time, then it turns into permanent arthritis. Negligence can lead to implantation of knee, hip, etc.

How to prevent arthritis

Doctor Vikas told that taking a balanced diet can get rid of arthritis. It is important to keep your routine regular, the gap in it can be dangerous. From eating and drinking to sleeping and waking up, everything should be regular. If any symptoms of arthritis are seen, then treatment should be started immediately after consulting doctors. Apart from these, doing yoga and asanas also gives relief from this disease.

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