Women’s Health: Every woman should eat a banana every day, it will get so many benefits that you will be surprised to know

Women's Health : हर महिला को रोज खाना चाहिए एक केला, इतने फायदे मिलेंगे कि जानकर हैरान रह जाएंगी

Many nutrients are found in banana. These are very important for the better health of the person. If one banana is eaten daily, then all diseases can be prevented. Know its 5 big benefits.

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Banana is considered a storehouse of nutrients. Vitamin A, B, B6, C, iron, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, potassium, etc. are found in all such nutrients, so they are very important for better health of human beings. If a person consumes a banana regularly, then all the problems of the body can be avoided.

Women should especially eat a banana every day because women are not able to take care of themselves properly in the process of taking care of others. At the same time, due to periods, pregnancy, menopause etc., there is a lack of nutrients like iron, calcium etc. in their body. Due to which their body becomes weak and many problems surround them. Know here about all the benefits of eating a banana regularly.

1. Prevents Anemia

Most of the women in India become victims of anemia due to anemia. Statistics show that about 80 percent of women are suffering from anemia. The problem of anemia and anemia occurs due to not getting enough iron in the body. The amount of iron in banana is very high. In such a situation, by eating a banana daily, there is no lack of blood in the body of the woman and she is protected from anemia.

2. Protects the heart

Cholesterol level in the body is controlled by eating one banana daily. Also the problem of BP is controlled. Controlling both of these keeps the heart healthy and prevents heart attack, stroke and heart diseases. Therefore, if you want to keep your heart safe from diseases, then definitely eat a banana daily.

3. Strengthens Bones

Calcium deficiency is often found in the body of women, due to which they are surrounded by joint pain, osteoporosis problems before time. Banana is rich in calcium. By eating one banana daily, the deficiency of calcium in the body is removed and bones become strong and diseases related to bones are prevented.

4. Prevents Depression

In today’s time, most people are struggling with the problem of depression, while women have two dual responsibilities, as well as many physical challenges with them. In such a situation, women become victims of depression very fast. Banana is rich in vitamin-B6, which works to improve brain function, as well as a protein in it, which makes the brain feel relaxed. In such a situation, by consuming bananas daily, the mind feels better and the condition of depression is prevented. Magnesium present in banana can have an effective effect on the nervous system. Therefore, eat bananas daily for brain health.

5. Good for the Digestive System

The fiber found in banana improves the digestive system. With its regular consumption, food gets digested properly and problems like constipation, gas, acidity are avoided. Resistant starch is also found in banana, which is considered beneficial for the stomach.

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