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To keep the heart fit, then do this mudra and yogasana (12 Effective Yoga And Mudras For Your Healthy Heart)

To keep the heart fit, then do this mudra and yogasana (12 Effective Yoga And Mudras For Your Healthy Heart)

Having a healthy heart is very important for a healthy life. The heart always remains healthy by doing yoga-pranayama and mudras along with proper diet, exercise. Yoga makes the body flexible and strengthens the muscles and also relieves stress. In all these, the most attention is paid to the breath, due to which our respiratory system remains healthy. Due to this the oxygen level in the body starts getting sufficient, which has a direct effect on blood circulation and weight also. To keep the heart always healthy, do the mudra given here everyday. Since the increase in air pollution in winter also increases the risk of respiratory diseases. Therefore, with the help of yoga for this, it becomes necessary to do these yogasanas to keep the lungs and heart healthy and strong.

Bhastrika Pranayama
By doing this, the circulation of oxygen in the body happens at a faster rate. Also, the level of carbon dioxide is reduced, due to which heart disease is removed.

Sit down in Sukhasan.
Keeping the waist, neck, back and spine straight, keep the body absolutely stable.
Breathe in while making sound from both the nostrils without moving the body.
Then exhale while making a sound.
Do this at least ten times.

Connect both the legs to each other by stretching them in front.
Slowly bend forward and touch your nose with your knees without bending your knees.
If possible try to touch the head with the knees.

Take one leg backwards.
Stretch the other leg at a 90 degree angle.
Connect both the hands by moving them up.
Then slowly bring both the hands towards the front and stretch the back leg further back.
Keep in mind, let the other leg remain in the same position i.e. 90 degree angle. Do this asana alternately with both the legs.

Lie down on your stomach.
Keep both the hands near the chest.
Move the body upwards.
Balance the body with the help of the palm and the lower part of the foot.
Holding the breath, stay in this position for a few seconds.
Then relax.

bridge bandhasana
Lie down on your back.
Stretch both the arms at your length.
Slowly bend the knees and raise the waist.
Stay in this state for a while.
Do this process several times.

Special Benefits: By doing this asana, your waist, abdomen and thighs will also remain in shape.

Stand straight with both the legs extended.
Extend both the hands forward.
Keep the palm facing down.
The hands should be straight and the elbows should not be bent.
Slowly bend the knees and move the pelvis down.
Keeping the arms straight, bend as if you are sitting on a chair.
The spine should be straight throughout its length.
Take long breaths with a smile.
Stay in this position for a minute.
Slowly lower down and sit in Sukhasana.

It is also called tree pose.
In this posture, the person makes a posture like a tree.
This asana calms the mind and strengthens the body, which is very important to keep the heart healthy.

Lie on the ground and close your eyes.
Leave both the palms open.
Keep the toe facing outwards.
Breathe in and out slowly.
Stay in this state for some time.

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Mudras for Healthy Art

Anjali Mudra
Place both the hands in the center of the chest by joining them.
Close your eyes and breathe in slowly.
Hold your breath for a while.
Then exhale slowly.
Do this process for some time.

Apana Vayu Mudra
Sit up straight.
Keeping both the hands on the knee, turn the palm upwards.
Bend the index finger of the hand and bring it to the thumb.
Press both.
Touch the first tip of the finger with the first tip of the thumb and press lightly.
Keep the little finger straight.
Close your eyes and stay in this posture for 15-20 minutes.

Benefits: Heart patients are benefitted by doing Apana Vayu mudra daily. This also benefits the cardiac arrest person.

prana mudra
Sit in Padmasana.
Place the palms of both the hands on your knees.
Take the little finger of the hand and the tip of the side finger with the tip of the thumb.

Benefits: By doing Prana Mudra, the power of life force increases. If you keep doing this daily, then you get rid of heart related problems forever.

sun pose
Sit up straight
Bend the finger next to the smallest finger of the hand and apply it to the tip of the thumb.
Do this daily for 10-15 minutes.

Benefits: By doing Surya Mudra daily, the energy level of the body increases. Obesity remains under control. Along with this, problems like diabetes, thyroid can also be controlled.

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