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Revealed in health survey: 50% of women use cloth during periods, poor quality sanitary pads are the main reason

It is important to take care of hygiene during periods

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According to the National Family Health Survey-5, women of Bihar are at the bottom in terms of not taking care of hygiene during periods. Here only 59 percent of women use safe means of protection during menstruation.

About 50 percent of women aged 15 to 24 in the country use cloth during their periods. This information has come out in the report of National Family Health Survey-5. The main reason for this is the lack of awareness and all the contradictory beliefs that exist about menstruation. It has been told in the report that only 64 percent of women in the country use sanitary napkins. (Sanitary Napkin) makes use of. 50 percent of women use cloth, while 15 percent use napkins made with indigenous methods. Overall, only 78 percent of women in this age group try clean methods for prevention during menstruation and take care of hygiene.

If we talk about women adopting clean methods for protection during menstruation, if we talk about the states, then Bihar comes at the lowest rank. Here only 59 percent of women use safe means of protection during menstruation. Madhya Pradesh (61 percent) and Meghalaya (65 percent) come respectively above Bihar. In these three states, women use home-made napkins, sanitary napkins, tampons and menstrual cups as safe methods of protection. Geeta Bora has started Spherul Foundation in Pune to run an awareness campaign about hygiene during menstruation. He told Tv9, ‘There are many reasons why hygiene during menstruation is still a distant dream.’

Awareness has to be brought about Hygiene

Explaining Geeta Bora said, ‘First of all, there are many such schemes going on in the country at this time, under which the government gives free sanitary napkins to girls in schools, but this rarely happens. Sanitary napkins are not distributed in most of the schools. The sad thing is that children and teachers protest for not getting the mid-day meal, but no one says anything when they do not get sanitary napkins. The second reason is that there are many contradictory beliefs spread in the society regarding this matter (menstruation). No one wants to talk about hygiene during menstruation.

He said that COVID-19 and the lockdown further complicated the issue regarding hygiene during menstruation. In fact, during that time many people lost their jobs, due to which managing financial matters became an important issue. In such a situation, buying expensive sanitary napkins was no longer a matter for women.

Women buy cheap sanitary napkins

According to Geeta Bora, ‘Women in India give priority to their family first and think about their needs last. In such a situation, women buy the cheapest sanitary napkins available in the market. If she can’t even buy it, she uses cloth, which is very unhygienic. At the same time, cheap sanitary napkins available in the market are nothing but plastic. In such a situation, women turn to clothes. She buys napkins only when she has to go on a long journey.

Geeta said, ‘There is also another reason behind using cloth during menstruation. Actually, it is easy to dispose of sanitary napkins in cities, whereas in villages it proves to be a huge task. There is another major obstacle in this matter. That is, due to lack of awareness, women do not even know how to use menstrual cups and tampons available in the market. In tribal areas, women do not even know how to use sanitary napkins. So it is wrong to imagine them knowing about tampons.

Infection can occur due to not taking care of hygiene

Dr. Meenakshi Ahuja, director of the capital-based Fortis La Femme, says that if women do not follow proper hygiene during menstruation, then many problems can occur. He told, ‘Blood can spread a lot of infection. The chances of infection increase significantly during menstruation. If you use tampons for more than four hours, it can lead to toxic shock syndrome. In such a situation, women may have a pelvic infection, which causes itching in the vagina and it is common for infection in the surrounding area. As this infection progresses, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease in women. Recurrent PIDs can cause permanent damage to the uterus and tubules, increasing the risk of infertility.

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