People who have recovered from COVID should be alert, dengue and flu have increased risk

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Dengue (signal picture)

In the era of Coronavirus pandemic, cases of flu and dengue are also increasing rapidly in the country. Experts say that the natural immunity of people who have been infected with corona has decreased, so the risk of flu and dengue has increased significantly. Those who have recovered from COVID need to be more cautious.

Dr Yudhveer Singh of the Critical Care Department of AIIMS, New Delhi said that this time dengue is seen in a different form. Initial symptoms appear normal in patients and then suddenly become very serious condition. The cases of dengue and flu are increasing because the immunity of people has decreased after corona. Due to this, they are easily falling prey to these diseases. Children, young and old are all getting infected with these seasonal diseases this time. In such a situation it is very important to protect yourself. It is very important to consult a doctor immediately if you see any symptoms of dengue or flu.

People who recovered from COVID remained alert

Dr Yudhveer told that those who have recovered from COVID need to be more cautious. If such people get dengue or flu then it can prove fatal for them. Senior doctor Dr Vijay Kumar says that to avoid dengue, you can easily keep mosquitoes away by keeping your surroundings clean. Mosquitoes can breed in stagnant water at some place and this can also spread dengue. Regularly change the water stored in the utensils which are not to be used for a long time. Keep changing the water in the pots.

symptoms of dengue
sudden high fever
Pain behind the eyes and intensification of pain with movement of the eyes
Muscle and joint pain
loss of taste and loss of appetite
Measles-like rash on chest and upper limbs
vomit vomit

flu symptoms

running nose
sore throat
low grade fever (mostly in young children)

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