One such healthy habit can thwart your weight loss efforts, know

ऐसी एक हेल्दी आदत आपके वजन घटाने की कोशिशों को विफल कर सकती है, जानिए


Are you doing everything right and still not able to lose weight? Don’t worry, here’s some eye-opening revelry.

You will be surprised to know that even some healthy habits suggested by dietitian and fitness trainer can negatively impact your weight loss journey.

Being overweight, unhealthy BMI, heavy eating, junk food, alcohol consumption, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the first things to talk about.

To combat this, people rely on fad diets, spend hours in the gym, eat healthy food and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Very few people understand that even overdoing these healthy habits can have an adverse effect on health. Yes, you read that right.

Can Healthy Habits Cause Weight Gain?

You may be surprised to know that not practicing healthy habits as suggested by nutrition experts and fitness experts can have an adverse effect on your health. They can take you away from your fitness goals without giving any indication.

According to experts, eating healthy foods in excess can also lead to weight gain. There is a famous myth that healthy foods can be consumed in any quantity and have no adverse effect on health.

Eating more fruits for weight loss can also increase the fructose component, which can lead to an increase in calorie intake.

Portion control is a key

Excess of anything is bad for your health and the same is true for healthy foods. Despite being low in calories and sugar, some foods are full of calories.

Food items like whole grains and almonds are rich in healthy fats, make sure to include fiber and protein in your diet. But when you eat more than a handful of almonds, then the amount of calories increases significantly and with time, the weight starts increasing.

However, eating less is not a way to lose weight. Instead, care has to be taken to eat low-calorie nutrient-rich food items in moderation.

Foods like avocado, fatty fish, vegetables and nut butter should be consumed in moderation to keep your weight loss under control.

Even packaged granola bars, energy drinks, and dried fruits can support a health goal, but their sugar and calorie content can take you miles away from your ideal BMI when consumed without thinking. Goes.

In this way, to keep a control on your calorie intake, healthy foods should also be eaten carefully.

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