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North Korea: Corona wreaking havoc in dictator Kim Jong’s country, more than 1 lakh 74 thousand new cases were found, 21 people died due to ‘fever’

Corona virus spreading rapidly in North Korea

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North Korea Covid-19: While releasing the figures, North Korea has said that more than one lakh 74 thousand people have been found suffering from fever in the country. While 21 people have died.

Corona virus epidemic in North Korea (North Korea Covid-19) is wreaking its havoc badly. This country, which denied infection for two years, has finally started releasing figures. Which shows that the situation has gone out of control. The state media here has reported that on Saturday, 1,74,440 more people have been found to have symptoms of fever. While 21 people have died due to fever. Corona virus vaccine to the population living in the midst of dictatorshipCoronavirus in North Korea) has not yet been applied. Including Friday’s cases, a total of 21 patients have died, while a total of 5,24,440 people have been found ill.

Here a large number of people started having fever from the last week of April and its figure is increasing now. North Korea says that 2,43,630 people have been cured of the disease, while 2,80,810 people are still kept in quarantine. Government media did not say how many of the cases of fever and death were of COVID-19 infection. Fearing infection after the first case surfaced, Kim Jong Un announced a nationwide lockdown on Thursday.

What did Kim Jong say when he was afraid of infection?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held a meeting on Saturday about the strategies to be adopted against the virus, in which he described the virus as a historically ‘big disruption’. Also called for unity between the government and the people to prevent infection. Experts say that if North Korea fails to stop the spread of COVID-19, it will face disastrous consequences. The health infrastructure of the country is very weak and the population of 26 crores is living without vaccination on a large scale.

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People getting infected with Omicron variants

State media says that samples of people with symptoms of fever were taken in the country’s capital Pyongyang on Sunday. He said that these people are infected with Omicron variants. Although the number of people has not been given. At the same time, North Korea has given only one number of patients who died from Omicron. He is citing fever as the reason behind the rest of the deaths. It is also being said that recently on April 25, a parade was organized in North Korea. In which a large number of civilians and soldiers took part. It may happen that during this time the virus has spread rapidly among the people. Kim Jong stood in the middle of this Jin stage and displayed the most powerful missiles of his military nuclear program.

Source: www.tv9hindi.com

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