New technology of Corona Testing, Nose-mouth sample is not necessary… Saline Gargle RT-PCR kit will come in the market soon

Corona Testing की नई तकनीक, नाक-मुंह से सैंपल जरूरी नहीं... जल्द बाजार में आएगी सेलाइन गार्गल RT-PCR किट

This technology has already been approved and NEERI has been asked to arrange necessary training to other testing labs to help them use it across the country.

New technology of corona investigation! (signal picture)

New Technic for Corona Testing: With the help of CSIR i.e. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, the new testing technique of corona prepared by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) may soon be available in the market. In this technique, there will no longer be a need to give nasopharyngeal (mouth and nose) swabs. Instead, only gargling will make it possible to test the corona.

For many people, giving samples from the nose and throat is not comfortable. In such a situation, the new technology will be very convenient for them. Saline Gargle RT-PCR technology, which will now start commercial use.

The technology has been handed over to the Ministry of MSME

This technique of corona investigation has been prepared by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute. This technology is indigenously developed. Recently CSIR and NEERI have handed over the Saline Gargle RT-PCR Technique to the Ministry of MSME. So that this technology can be commercialized and this test kit can be available in the market.

Why the need arises and how will the investigation be done?

Saline Gargle RT PCR Test With cheap and accessible technology, corona can be tested quickly. Actually, for RTPCR test, a sample is taken from the nose and throat. One has to go to the specialist to give the sample. To make this process easy, the scientists of the country have prepared a simple, fast and cheap method. Under this, now after gargling with a solution of water and salt, it can be kept in a beaker and sent to the lab and results can also be obtained in three hours. The process is so simple that the patient can collect the sample himself.

A matter of relief for rural areas

Scientists hope that this unique technology of testing will be especially beneficial for rural and tribal areas. This technology has already been approved and NEERI has been asked to arrange necessary training to other testing labs to help them use it across the country.

Regarding this technology, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that Saline Gargle RT-PCR test is more important in the whole country, especially for low rural and tribal areas from the point of view of resource. This will result in quick and easy testing and will further strengthen our fight against the pandemic.

Production will start as soon as license is obtained

CSIR and NEERI say that the innovation developed by the institute has been ‘dedicated to the nation’ to serve the society. This innovation will enable all competent parties including private, government and various rural development schemes and departments to take its commercialization and license. He further said that after getting the license, the concerned parties will set up manufacturing facilities for commercial production in the form of easily usable compact kits. ICMR and NIRI have expedited the process of transfer of information to potential licensees for its wide dissemination across the country.

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