Maharashtra Corona Updates: Nagpur increased the tension of the country and Maharashtra, 12 policemen were found corona positive, went to Pune for 10 days of training

क्या कोरोना की तीसरी लहर की वजह से फिर से बंद होने लगे हैं स्कूल-कॉलेज, जानें क्या है सच

Out of 33 policemen who went to Pune for ten days’ training from Nagpur, 20 policemen returned and got the test done. Of these, 12 policemen were found to be COVID 19 positive.

After 16 MBBS students, now 12 policemen were found corona positive in Nagpur

Nagpur has increased the tension not only of Maharashtra but of the entire country. It was only fresh that 16 MBBS students were found to be corona positive, that there has been an uproar due to 12 police personnel being found corona positive (12 Nagpur Police personnel tested Covid 19 Positive). These policemen had gone to Pune for a 10-day training.

On 30 August, one police personnel from each Intelligence Unit of all 31 police stations of Nagpur Police team and two from Special Unit i.e. total 33 police personnel came to Pune for a special training of 10 days. After the training was over, he returned to Nagpur. After returning to Nagpur, one of the police personnel noticed mild symptoms of corona like fever and cough inside him. When he got the corona test done, the report came positive.

20 policemen who returned from Pune got tests done, 12 came corona positive

After the corona test report of a police employee came positive, the rest of the policemen who went for Pune training also got the corona test done. Out of 33 policemen who went to Pune, 20 policemen got the test done. Of these, 12 policemen were found to be COVID 19 positive.

Taking both doses of the vaccine, yet these people got corona positive

The Nagpur Police team has quarantined all these policemen as a precaution. Out of 33 policemen who took training, 20 policemen were tested. The rest of the people are being tested today (September 12, Sunday). Contact, tracing and testing of people associated with all these police employees will also be done.

The most important thing in this case is that the police personnel found positive have taken both the doses of the vaccine. However, the police personnel found positive do not have any particular problem. Mild symptoms have been found in these. Police officials have given information about this.

Doctors are also left, 16 MBBS students also got corona

Five MBBS students have been found corona positive even after vaccination in Nagpur. In this way, the number of MBBS students found corona positive has increased to 16 now. These MBBS students are being found corona positive even after taking both the doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine.

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