Less than one percent active corona patients left in the country, the graph of infection will continue to fall in the coming days

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The cases of Coronavirus are decreasing in the country for the last several days. The recovery rate is increasing and the positivity rate is decreasing. Less than one percent of the active patients of infection are left. Experts have expressed happiness over the continuously improving conditions from Corona. Experts predict that the graph of corona will continue to decrease like this. However, in view of the festivals, it is also being advised to be cautious.

Yudhveer Singh, of the Critical Care Department of AIIMS, New Delhi, said that vaccination is being done at a record level in the country. So far 96 crore doses of the vaccine have been administered. Herd immunity has become against Corona in many areas. Due to this the situation has improved from the infection. The daily cases are expected to remain low in the coming days as well. On the possible third wave of corona in the country, Dr Yudhveer said that in view of the current situation, the risk of the next wave is low. Even if it does come, its effect will be very less. Dr Yudhveer has advised people to strictly follow COVID rules in the coming festivals.

Only 0.60 percent active patients

The active patients of corona infection in the country are less than one percent. In the last 24 hours, 15,823 new infected were found and 22,844 patients were cured, after which the number of active corona patients reduced to 2,00,872. This number is only 0.60 percent in comparison to the total corona cases in the country. With this, the rate of those recovering from the infection has improved. Now the recovery rate has reached 98.05 percent, which is the lowest ratio since March last year. The positivity rate of Corona in the country is 1.19 percent.

Cases are also decreasing in Kerala and Maharashtra

In Kerala and Maharashtra also the daily cases of corona are decreasing rapidly. Till last month in Kerala, where about 20 thousand patients were being received daily. Now this number has come down to 7,823 in the last 24 hours. Similarly, in Maharashtra, till last month, more than three thousand infected were being found daily. Which has now come down to around 1800.

States and Union Territories with least active patients

Bihar -37
Rajasthan – 36
Andaman and Nicobar – 08
Dadarnagar Haveli-04
Lakshadweep – 03

States with most active patients
Kerala – 96,710
Tamil Nadu -15,842
Mizoram -13264
Karnataka -9,712

Corona figures in the country

Total Patients: 3,40,00,503

Recovered: 3,33,35,304

Deaths: 4,51,220

Active Patients: 2,00,872

(All figures are according to the Ministry of Health)

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