Know how beneficial are the jowars sown in Navratri worship, you will be surprised to know the benefits

जानिए सेहत के लिहाज से कितने फायदेमंद हैं नवरात्रि पूजा में बोए जाने वाले ज्वारे, फायदे जानकर हैरान रह जाएंगे

jowar juice

Barley is sown during the establishment of Kalash in Navratri. These barley germinate in a few days and become jowar. The growing of these jowars, which look like a green crop, is considered very auspicious. But do you know that these jowars are also very beneficial in terms of health?

Jowar is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. It can rapidly fill the lack of blood and platelets. Therefore, jowar is considered an effective medicine for all the problems ranging from dengue to anemia. It is usually consumed in the form of juice. Know about its other benefits.

beneficial for bones

Jowar is rich in calcium. Calcium is the main building component of bones. There is no deficiency of calcium in the body due to the consumption of jowar. In such a situation, it protects the body from the risk of osteoporosis and takes care of the health of the teeth.

protects against anemia

The pH of both wheatgrass juice and human blood. The factor is only 7.4. In such a situation, it gets mixed in the blood very fast. If a person has the problem of anemia or any other blood related disorder, then drinking jowar juice can easily get rid of it in a few days.

Relief from ulcers to eczema

Wheat jowar contains alkaline minerals, which provide relief from ulcers, constipation and diarrhea. Apart from this, it works to purify the blood. In such a situation, it gives relief in eczema etc.

Beneficial in cold-cough and asthma

If there is a seasonal cold and cough, then jowar juice is very beneficial for you. If you consume it regularly, then it also strengthens your immune system and prevents all the problems. It is also considered very beneficial for asthma patients.

maintains heart health

Jowar juice helps in flushing out excess cholesterol from your body. It absorbs cholesterol before it gets into the blood. With this, cholesterol is controlled and your heart health remains healthy. Apart from this, it also prevents the risk of stroke.

Maintains digestive system and prevents diabetes

There are two types of fiber in jowar, insoluble and soluble. Its insoluble fiber strengthens the good bacteria present in the body and soluble fiber absorbs the excess sugar present in the body. Due to this, the digestive system is correct, as well as diabetes is also protected.

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