Health Tips: To avoid dengue fever, include these things in the diet, it will help in increasing platelets

Health Tips : डेंगू बुखार से बचने के लिए डाइट में शामिल करें ये चीजें, प्लेटलेट्स बढ़ाने में मिलेगी मदद

Follow these tips to protect yourself from dengue, malaria and chikungunya mosquitoes during the rainy season. Along with this, special attention needs to be paid to your diet as well. Including these things in the diet increases blood platelets.

Eat these things to avoid dengue

Every year with the onset of the rainy season, dengue, malaria and chikungunya spread and mosquitoes fear terror. In this season the fever caused by mosquitoes completely breaks the body. The special thing is that dengue mosquitoes breed in clean water. There is a problem of fever, body pain etc. In this, the platelets present in the blood start falling very fast.

In such a situation, if dengue patients do not take the right diet, then the disease can be fatal. This disease can be cured by taking nutritious food in the right amount. Although dengue fever completely weakens the body. Let us know, due to the consumption of which things in dengue fever, platelets start increasing.

papaya juice

First, wash the papaya leaves thoroughly and chop them finely. After this, take a medium sized papaya and cut it finely. Now add lemon juice and half a cup of orange to it. Prepare juice by adding a little water to all these things. Note that always drink this juice fresh.

coconut water

Coconut water is very beneficial for health. Drinking this drink keeps the body hydrated. It contains many types of nutrients. Dengue fever does not feel like eating or drinking anything. Coconut water helps to save from these problems.

Pomegranate juice

To increase the blood in the body, pomegranate juice should be consumed. Pomegranate naturally contains minerals which work to give energy to the body. It is rich in iron which helps in increasing platelets.

Prevent dengue and malaria mosquito in this way

1. Dispose of garbage in the right way. Do not allow water to freeze in any kind of artificial pot or vessel. Dengue-Malaria mosquitoes start breeding in them.

2. Cover all containers or empty pots in your garden or terrace. You can also keep them upside down. Apart from this, keep the utensils containing water clean as well.

3. Wear full sleeve clothes while leaving the house so that there is less contact with mosquitoes.

4. To avoid mosquitoes, use sprays, creams and nets. If you are sleeping in an outdoor room, use a mosquito net.

5. Close the doors and windows in the evening time.

6. If it is not necessary, then avoid roaming unnecessarily. By doing this you can reduce the risk of dengue.

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