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Health Tips: Know how deadly the habit of not getting enough sleep can be!

Interruption of sleep (signal picture)

Getting enough sleep is very important for better health of body and mind. At least 7 to 9 hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy body. Actually, while sleeping, our body works to fix mental, emotional and physical health. With this, all the problems themselves get fixed. This is the reason why we feel energetic after getting up from sleep.

But nowadays in the computer world, the work pressure is so high that people are unable to get a sound sleep even if they want. Apart from this, the habit of chatting till late at night, addiction to social media has also disturbed the sleep of people. Due to not getting enough sleep, the problem of stress is becoming very common in people, which affects their whole body. Due to this, people start suffering from various diseases before time. Let us know what problems can be caused due to lack of sleep.

immune system was weak

It is very important to have strong immunity to protect our body from diseases. Lack of sleep weakens immunity. If the immune system is weak, then all the problems like infection, cough, cold, fever etc.

stress and depression

Lack of sleep causes stress. Due to stress, a person is not able to do any work properly. In such a situation, his confidence starts falling and gradually the person starts going into depression.

women at risk of breast cancer

All the research shows that lack of sleep damages the cells of women. Due to this, the risk of breast cancer increases in women.

Diabetes, BP and heart problem

Less sleep affects the metabolic rate of our body. Due to this, the body weight increases and before time the person starts suffering from diabetes, high BP and heart problems.

leads to hormonal imbalance

Lack of sleep can also cause hormonal imbalance. Due to hormonal imbalance, many problems like irritability, period irregularity, mood swings, obesity, fatigue are seen in women. Apart from this, the memory of the person also starts getting weak.

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