Health Tips: Do this work daily to stay away from heart diseases, you will always be fit

Health Tips : दिल की बीमारियों से दूर रहने के लिए रोजाना करें ये काम, हमेशा रहेंगे फिट

Try these tips to keep heart healthy

It is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle in today’s run-of-the-mill life. This will save you from many serious diseases. Let us know which habits should be adopted to keep the heart healthy.

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Heart disease occurs mostly in elderly people in earlier times. But now this disease is taking the youth in its grip. Cases of heart disease have increased in India as compared to other countries. According to a US report, as of 2015, 62 million people in India have had heart disease and 23 million people are below 40 years of age. This figure is very frightening.

According to experts, poor lifestyle is the main reason behind heart-related diseases. Because of this, the risk of other diseases also increases. High blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes increase this problem more. To reduce this disease, pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. By adopting some habits, you can reduce the risk of this disease.

eat a diet rich in fiber

According to experts, eat fiber-rich things in your diet. For this, you should include oats, soap cereals, brown rice, beans, fiber-rich things. Cholesterol can be reduced by eating foods rich in fiber. This can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

keep weight under control

Weight gain can lead to many serious diseases. It also works to increase the risk of stroke and diabetes, not of the heart, so keep the weight under control. Actually, staying under weight control can keep blood pressure and glucose levels under control.

exercise daily

To stay healthy and fit, exercise should be done for half an hour daily. You can increase or decrease the exercise time according to your ability. Always taking a short walk after a meal is beneficial for health. By doing this, the risk of serious diseases can also be reduced.

get enough sleep

Get enough sleep to stay healthy. Getting enough sleep can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing stress.

A healthy heart means keeping the amount of sodium, fat and sugar under control. Because all these things work to increase cholesterol and blood pressure. Always drink fresh juice. Avoid eating packaged and processed food.

To keep the heart healthy, you can drink red wine in regular quantity. According to a study, it is rich in anti-oxidants, which helps in increasing the cholesterol in jaggery. Avoid smoking. This increases your heart rate and blood pressure. To keep the heart healthy, stay away from these things.

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