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Do not consider pain in the waist and joints only as a disease of arthritis, Skeletal fluorosis can be a victim of the disease.

Back pain (signal picture)

Recently, in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, a case of a patient who was finding it difficult to ascertain the cause of bone disease came to light. After several tests, it was found that the patient was suffering from Skeletal Fluorosis disease. Due to suffering from fluorosis, the bones of his body had become weak. His teeth also turned yellow. After prolonged treatment, now this disease of the patient has been cured up to 50 percent. Doctors say that if a person has a problem of back pain for a long time, then do not think of it as arthritis only. It can also be a disease of fluorosis.

Dr Ranjan Gupta of the Department of Rheumatology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi said that a 32-year-old patient had come to him for treatment. The patient complained of back pain, stiffness in the neck, pain in the shoulders and hips. His teeth also turned yellow. The patient had brought some X-rays with him. On arrival at the hospital, he X-rays of hands and shoulders were also done. Also his blood and urine samples were taken. Tests revealed that the patient is suffering from a disease called Skeletal Fluorosis. This disease is caused by drinking water containing high fluoride. And the bones become weak. Surprisingly, in the case of this patient, he had been treating this disease as arthritis for the last eight years. He did not know that he was a victim of fluorosis.

Diet and water changes

Doctor Ranjan Kumar told that to cure the patient, he was advised to take a diet containing calcium and vitamin D. The patient was asked to change the water and drink RO water. The patient followed these things for two years and his problem has reduced by 50 percent.

Many people can get the disease simultaneously

The doctor told that this disease is caused by drinking water. Due to this, many people of the house can fall prey to it simultaneously. Therefore, if all the people in the house are facing the problem of pain in the back or joints, then it may be Plorosis disease.

symptoms of fluorosis

Excessive yellowing of teeth.
Forward or backward twisting of the arms and legs.
Arching of the foot inwards or outwards.
Swelling around the knees.
Trouble bending or sitting.
Pain in the joints of the shoulders, arms and legs.
Signs of old age are visible in youth.
Belly heavy.

simple treat

According to the doctor, the most important thing for the treatment of this disease is to change the drinking water. If the amount of porosis in the water of your area is high, then immediately start drinking RO water. Also take special care of diet. If there is constant pain in the back, then also get the blood and urine tested. With this, this disease will be easily detected.

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