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Delhi: Up to 50 percent reduction in new dengue patients, more relief expected in the coming days

Dengue (signal picture)

After the change in the weather, now the outbreak of Dengue is decreasing in Delhi. The number of new patients coming to hospitals has come down by 50 percent. Along with this, patients with severe symptoms of dengue have also reduced significantly. Experts say that the breeding of dengue mosquitoes is not taking place due to increasing cold in the weather. Because of this the cases are decreasing. With the drop in temperature in the coming days, dengue will be completely under control.

Dr. Suresh Kumar, Medical Director, Loknayak Hospital, Delhi Government, said that the number of dengue patients in the hospital has come down by 50 percent. Earlier where 100 to 150 people were reaching OPD daily. Now this number has been reduced to around 50. Along with this, the number of patients admitted in different wards has also decreased. Till last week, about 90 dengue patients were admitted in the hospital. Now only 26 are left. All the patients who are coming to OPD at this time are of mild symptoms. The number of serious patients is negligible. Manish Kumar of Safdarjung Hospital said that in the beginning of November, there were a lot of dengue cases. Wards in the hospital were full, but now the cases have come down for almost a week. About 50 percent less patients are coming to OPD than before.

need to be cautious

Dr Ajay Kumar of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi says that a lot of efforts were made to prevent dengue. Areas where mosquitoes were breeding. There was constant fogging. Dengue is now under control due to change in weather and preventive measures, although people still need to be alert. Because this time patients with some such strains of dengue have also appeared. Where this fever is happening to the patient twice as well. Apart from this, some patients are suffering from various health related problems even after recovering from dengue.

More than seven thousand cases have come this year

So far, more than 7100 cases of dengue have been reported in Delhi. Of these, 5675 have come only in November. This year dengue cases have broken the record of last six years. However, it is a matter of relief that deaths due to dengue are not happening now.

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