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Delhi: Reduction in post covid problems amidst improving conditions from corona, patients with eye problems decreased

In the country’s capital Delhi (Delhi), there has also been a decrease in post covid problems in the midst of better conditions than corona. Where earlier many people were suffering from eye pain, weakness and headache after infection. Now new patients with these problems are coming very less. Doctors of hospitals and post covid clinic say that this has happened due to the decrease in new cases of corona. Now the number of people who had post covid problems is gradually decreasing.

After the second wave of corona in Delhi, the situation had become very bad. Those who had recovered from COVID. He was facing many diseases. There were many people among them who had many problems related to eyes. There was a huge crowd of these patients in hospitals and post COVID clinics. But now the situation has become better. Dr AK Grover, head of the ophthalmology department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, says that most of the patients with eye problems in his department are the ones with follow-up. Very few new patients are coming. This shows that now people’s problems related to eyes are decreasing. Whereas till a few months ago the picture was completely different. Then many patients with post covid were coming to the department. These patients had complaints of watery eyes, blurred vision, loss of vision and pain and burning in the eyes, but now the number of such patients is negligible.

halved number than before

Dr Deepak Kumar, posted at the Post COVID Clinic of Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, told that till two months ago, the patients who were coming to the clinic were complaining of difficulty in breathing, headache, tiredness and weakness in the eyes, but now it is not so. The number of patients with eye problems and fatigue in the clinic has been reduced to half as compared to earlier. The least number of patients are coming only with eye problems. Vinay Pratap of Nanak Eye Hospital says that patients come to the hospital as many as before. But among them there are very few patients who were suffering from eye problem in post COVID.

That’s why eye patients increased

Dr. Grover told that during the second wave of Corona, most people were in homes. Office work was also being done from home and children’s education was also done. Due to working from home, people used to use phones and laptops for hours. This caused symptoms of weakness in the eyes and reduced vision. Computer vision syndrome was also seen in many people. Due to this a large number of patients were coming for treatment. Now the situation has become better with Corona. People have started coming out and they are also taking care of their health. This is the reason that new patients of eye problem are coming less now.

situation better than corona

The situation is under control due to infection in Delhi. On an average, less than 40 new infected have been found daily this month. The death rate is coming down. The daily cases have not exceeded 100 even once in the last 90 days. More than 90 percent beds in hospitals are vacant for COVID patients.

what do the figures say
Total cases- 14,39,526

Recovered – 14,14,095

Active Patients – 340

Deaths- 25,091

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