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Deficiency Of Vitamin C: These diseases can be caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C is very important for turmeric to live. These nutrients oak plays an important role. It helps in the formation of collagen in our body. It is also important for bone development, blood vessel health and wound healing.

This is the reason that vitamin C deficiency can lead to many diseases, which can lead to many problems later on.

Diseases can be caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C


Scurvy is the most prominent disease associated with vitamin C deficiency. The main reason for this is the lack of vitamin C. This can cause bruising, bleeding gums, weakness, fatigue, rash, etc. In the beginning, due to deficiency of vitamin C, you may have problems like fatigue, loss of appetite, irritability and joint pain etc. If it is not treated at the right time, anemia, gingivitis, skin related problems can also occur.


Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland secretes more hormones. Vitamin C along with other important nutrients is important for your thyroid health. Long-term vitamin C deficiency can lead to over-secretion of hormones from the thyroid glands, leading to hyperthyroidism, leading to unintentional weight loss, increased appetite, nervousness, tremors, changes in menstrual patterns in women, and more There may be symptoms like


It is very important to include Vitamin C in your diet. Among other benefits, vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron, which is important for preventing diseases like anemia. Due to this, symptoms like fatigue, pallor, shortness of breath, dizziness, weight loss, etc. may have to be faced.

bleeding gums

Vitamin C is very important for the health of your teeth. It not only strengthens your teeth but also helps in keeping the gums healthy. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to bleeding gums and gum disease.

skin disease

Vitamin C also plays a very important role for skin health. It has antioxidant properties. It plays an important role in collagen production. This protein is important for skin, hair, joints and skin. In this case, skin related lesions can also occur.

These foods can be included in your diet to overcome the deficiency of Vitamin C.

Including foods rich in Vitamin C in your diet is the best way to treat this condition. Consume more citrus fruits, vegetables rich in vitamin C. Smoking should be avoided because according to studies, the amount of vitamin C in the body of smokers has decreased significantly.

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