‘Covid-19 vaccination protects mother and child, ensures healthy pregnancy’, claims immunologist

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COVID-19 vaccination ensures healthy pregnancy – study

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a health advisory on September 29, 2021 for pregnant women, women planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding. The CDC’s advisory reiterates the importance of vaccination to prevent serious illness and death caused by COVID-19. The CDC also highlighted the large gap between vaccination rates among pregnant women. The rate of pregnant women getting vaccinated is half the rate of vaccination in the general population. The CDC advisory also outlines the growing racial gap in terms of vaccination in pregnancy. The vaccination rate among black pregnant women is less than 16 percent. Matthew Woodruff of Emory University further says that as an immunoscientist who has studied the immune response against COVID-19 since the beginning of the global pandemic, I know that the reason for the agency’s urgency in this matter is clear.

If infected with the corona virus during pregnancy, both the mother and the child are at risk of serious infection and death due to COVID-19. Extensive research on pregnancy during the global pandemic has found that pregnant women who are infected are five times as likely to be admitted to the ICU and 22 times as likely to die as compared to pregnant women not exposed to the coronavirus. occurs more. The same study also found that newborn babies of women infected during pregnancy are twice as likely to need to be admitted to the ICU. Babies of infected mothers are also more likely to die soon after birth.

immunology complex of pregnancy

The most fundamental function of the mother’s immune system during pregnancy is to welcome an outside organism, which uses up many of the body’s resources. After this its job is to protect this embryo for months. This work was not easy. Much effort is made by the mother’s immune system to prevent the growing fetus from being recognized and rejected as a parasitic invader, which alters its response to infection to protect against pregnancy, but these changes may suppress the immune response. Do not close completely. The maternal immune system selectively chooses not to react to the foreign tissues and cells attached to the growing fetus.

risk of both infectious diseases

According to researchers, serious infectious diseases pose a serious threat to both mother and fetus. The list of infectious diseases capable of complicating pregnancy is long and the inclusion of COVID-19 in this list is not surprising. Vaccination protects both mother and baby. Vaccination is very important because of the balance that the immune system does during pregnancy. There is no doubt that vaccination activates the immune system. The risk of a minor immune system response due to vaccination is far less than the risk that an expectant mother is exposed to if she is infected with COVID-19.

Resistant system, this is how it protects

When a harmless form of SARS-CoV-2 enters your body as a vaccine, the immune system is trained to recognize the virus in a safe and controlled environment without actual transmission of COVID-19. This way, if the actual virus enters your body, your immune system is more prepared and able to defend itself against it. Although the vaccine is not 100% effective due to reduced antibodies or the delta form of the virus, studies have shown that partial protection and reduction of symptoms are sufficient to reduce the risk in both mother and child.

COVID-19 vaccines protect the child too

Another study has found that vaccination protects the mother, as well as the antibodies produced effectively pass through the umbilical cord blood to the baby. This study is important because corona virus infections have not shown a risk of directly infecting the fetus in utero, but the baby can be infected from the mother during delivery. In such a situation, getting the vaccine of COVID-19 is safe for both mother and child.

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