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Corona Vaccination: Make corona vaccine mandatory when it is up to 99.9 percent effective on the virus: Expert

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Experts say that our timing regarding the vaccination program is also not right. The best time to vaccinate people is when the cases of corona are less and not when the cases are increasing.

Dr. Ishwar Gilada

when we vaccinate Vaccination Or even when it comes to taking medicine, it depends on one’s personal preference. No public health policy can be framed in such a way that it prohibits people from going to public places who have not taken or who do not want to take the vaccination. The Supreme Court’s decision on May 2 was correct and all states and union territories should uphold it. It is about individual liberty of the people.

No government or authority can make such a public policy, in which we force people to get vaccination. Specifically the COVID Vaccine (Corona Vaccine) Regarding where we do not have any data to count its benefits. Whatever our doctors have said (about the vaccine not causing serious illness in people) is based on trial and error method. There is little chance that an unvaccinated person will infect another person with COVID. (Corona Positive) Can do. Just as it was a misconception to see vaccination as a protector, herd immunity in India Herd Immunity Idea of. More than 95 percent of the adult population has received the first COVID dose and 86 percent of the vaccination (Corona Vaccination) It has been completed, we were going by the assumption that the rest of the people would have herd immunity.

Herd immunity a fictional concept

We found that herd immunity is a hypothetical concept when it comes to SARS CoV2. 90 percent of people have at least one type of immunity through natural immunity or vaccination, but even today people are getting infected which proves that the concept of herd immunity does not work in this context.

We have requested the Center to conduct the vaccination program in such a way that it is easy for people to get vaccinated and they do not feel pressured to do so. If you pressurize people to take it, then there will be hesitation among people to take the vaccine in the country.

Wrong time to promote vaccination

Our timing regarding the vaccination program is not right. The best time to vaccinate people is when the positive cases of COVID are low and not when the cases are increasing. But our program is such that when there is a wave in the country, we increase the number of vaccinations because then people are afraid of infection. But by then it is too late because the infection is already spreading and you are about to get infected or re-infected in any way.

This also makes it impossible to reconcile significant data on the benefits of vaccination. When the infection level is high, we do not know whether the infection is spreading from the vaccinated person or it is due to our small population who did not get even the first dose of the COVID vaccine.

Little is known about the positive effects of the vaccine

Making the vaccine mandatory makes sense when its efficiency is 99.9 percent like the polio and smallpox vaccines whose vaccines eradicated these diseases. But when it comes to COVID, we know very little about the positive impact of the vaccine on the virus. When we talk about the peak or surge of COVID, we look at several other parameters – what is the hospitalization rate, what is the severity; Mortality and symptomatic infections. Looking at today’s data, we can say that COVID and its variants will not be a major cause for concern.

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(The author is a consultant on HIV and Infectious Diseases. He is also the General Secretary of the Organized Medicine Academic Guild. He spoke to Shalini Saxena)

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