Corona under control: less than 900 active patients in eight states of the country, the number is continuously decreasing

दुनियाभर में वैक्सीनेशन जारी, मगर कब खत्म होगी कोरोना महामारी? मॉडर्ना के सीईओ स्टीफन बेंसल ने दिया इसका जवाब

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The situation in the country is getting better due to Coronavirus. In eight states, there are less than 900 active cases left. These include states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The number of new patients being found in all these states. Getting healthier than that. Due to this, active patients are continuously decreasing. Experts say that the situation with Corona in the country is under control. Now it is necessary that people keep following the rules of prevention from COVID and do not take any carelessness regarding this epidemic.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 142 active patients in Uttar Pradesh, 35 in Rajasthan, 186 in Gujarat, 103 in Madhya Pradesh, 35 in Bihar, 113 in Jharkhand, 162 in Uttarakhand and 112 in Tripura. If the number of active patients of all these states is combined, then it is 888. Whereas during the second wave, the cases of infection in these states increased very rapidly. On the condition of corona, Dr Jugal Kishore, chairman of the Department of Medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, says that the daily cases of corona have been decreasing continuously for the last two months. The number of deaths is also decreasing. The recovery rate is increasing and the positivity rate is decreasing. All these standards show that the situation due to infection in the country is now under control, although people need to be cautious in view of the upcoming festivals.

The new variant will threaten the next wave

AIIMS doctor Amarinder Singh Malhi says that in view of the current conditions of corona in the country, the possibility of a third wave is less visible at present, although the new variant may threaten the next wave. If a new variant of the virus arrives in the country in the coming days and it spreads rapidly, then the next wave will be expected. Apart from this, it will also depend on how people follow the COVID rules during the time of festivals.

Corona figures in the country

  • Total patients: 3,39, 86, 632
  • Recovered: 3,33, 12,715
  • Active Cases : 2,o9,813
  • Deaths : 4,51,004

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