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Corona: Know what is the opinion of experts on the letter written regarding the treatment of corona

In a letter to the government, doctors have said that when a person shows symptoms of COVID, it is known only by antigen or RTPCR test, but despite this, CT scan and D-dimer test are being written to the patients. who don’t need

Covid 19

The cases of Coronavirus are increasing continuously in the country. In the midst of this third wave of infection, 35 eminent doctors from across the country and abroad have questioned the existing protocol of COVID treatment. Doctors have written an open letter to the central and state health departments. In which he has appealed that evidence based medicine should be resorted to for the treatment of COVID patients. Doctors say that at this time in the country, there is a need to make the right strategy regarding the treatment of COVID, hospitalization and testing of infected patients. Because the protocol of COVID treatment that is being followed for many patients is not proper.

This letter has been signed by some Indian-origin doctors from Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Sanjay Nagral of Jaslok Hospital, who signed in support of the letter, says that there is a need to pay attention to the protocol of treatment of COVID, testing of infected patients and hospitalization in the country. At this time patients need to be treated according to their condition. Doctors say that most of the corona patients in this wave have very mild symptoms. Despite this, such medicines are being written about them, which were being given to serious patients during the second wave. We are committing the same mistake which was done last year.

In a letter to the government, doctors have said that when a person shows symptoms of COVID, it can be detected only by antigen or RTPCR test, but despite this, patients are also given CT scan and D-dimer. Tests are being written. which are not needed. Conducting such tests puts a financial burden on the patients. Doctor Madhukar Pai says that at present most of the corona patients have mild symptoms, but despite this, medicines like Faripiravir, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin are being prescribed to them. It is not right to do so. Consumption of these medicines without any reason can cause a disease like black fungus.

What do experts say

Dr Jugal Kishore, HOD, Department of Community Medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, supported the initiative of these doctors in a conversation with Tv9Bharatvarsh. Dr. Kishor said that there is no justification for doing many types of tests for patients with mild symptoms of COVID. Patients who have mild symptoms. They are recovering within a few days. Dr. said that patients on Omicron have very mild symptoms. We are seeing that most of the patients have fever and cold, very few patients complain of cough. In such a situation, he can be cured only with paracetamol. Prescribing medicines like Faripiravir, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin to these patients is not right. Dr. says that there is no point in adopting the delta variant treatment protocol for Omicron patients. When the symptoms are mild among the infected, we should promote home isolation.

Dr Yudhveer Singh of the Critical Care Department of AIIMS says that the new COVID protocol of AIIMS does not have medicines like Remdesivir or Ivermectin for patients with mild or mild symptoms. According to Dr., CT scan of a patient is done only when he has difficulty in breathing or the level of oxygen in the patient’s body has started decreasing. This type of problem is rarely seen in Omicron. In such a situation, there is no need to do CT scan of every patient. We need to pay more attention to patients with comorbidities. People who have mild symptoms of corona. Their CT scan or any other medicine which is given in serious treatment. It should not be used.

Blood test needed for severe symptoms

Dr. Yudhveer said that if the symptoms persist for more than five days in a corona infected, then a blood test or other type of investigation can be done for its treatment. These tests are done so that it can be known that the patient has not developed any serious problem. Regarding hospitalization, Dr. said that people who have mild symptoms of corona. They should not be admitted to the hospital, if infected, see how the condition of the patient is. If there is mild fever or cough then treatment can be done at home. Such people can also take treatment with the help of telemedicine.

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