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Children care tips in Hindi: These are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in children

Child care tips in Hindi: It has been seen that due to the deficiency of Vitamin D in children, they suffer from various health problems. We tell you about such symptoms, which are considered a big sign of vitamin D deficiency in children. Learn

Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency in Children

Vitamin D sometimes even in children (Vitamin D) deficiency is seen and due to this they have to face many health issues. Parents when children are often sick (Parents) Doctors keep giving them medicines, but in many cases parents are not aware of the main problem related to their health. overdose drugs (Medicines) Too much consumption does harm to children too. Actually, today we are talking about vitamin D deficiency in children. According to experts, the amount of vitamin D in the child should be good from birth. If seen in earlier times in newborns vitamin D To make up for the shortage, they were made to sit in the sun. Along with this, massage was also done during this time.

Although many people still do this, but due to changing lifestyle, many people are not able to do so. Actually, vitamin D deficiency in children can be known through many symptoms. We are going to give you information about some such symptoms.

weakening of bones

If your children often have problems with foot pain, then understand that they are deficient in Vitamin D. Actually, to make bones strong, the amount of calcium in the body should be right, but calcium is not absorbed in the body until vitamin D is available in the right amount in our body.

scars on scalp

If your child’s scalp, ie, the pit anywhere in the head or the scalp is softer than anywhere, then it is a big symptom of vitamin D deficiency in him. When this happens, always consult a doctor, as well as you can fulfill the deficiency of vitamin D by showing him daily sunlight.

cold again and again

It has also been seen that if the child has frequent cold or cough problems, then this also shows the lack of vitamin D in the body. According to experts, it is called a type of recurrent infection and its frequent occurrence has a bad effect on the health of the child. Make the child consume such foods, so that the deficiency of this essential vitamin can be fulfilled in him.

development delay

Young children who are facing serious problems like developmental delay, also have vitamin D deficiency. Apart from this, if the child is unable to handle the weight, then swelling can also be seen in his feet. If you feel anything like this in your child, then be alert.

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