Child Care: If you have become a mother for the first time, then definitely know about the baby feeding schedule

Child Care : पहली बार मां बनी हैं तो बेबी फीडिंग शेड्यूल के बारे में जरूर जान लें

Being a mother is a very pleasant feeling for any woman, but if a woman has become a mother for the first time, then she needs the help of experienced people in the care of the child. Know here information related to the feeding schedule of the newborn.

baby feeding

Becoming a mother for the first time is a very pleasant feeling for every woman. For six months after birth, the child is advised to feed only mother’s milk. In such a situation, if there is an elderly person in the house, then what is important for the child and what is not, it is easily known. But if you are away from family then you will have to manage everything alone. In such a situation, it is very important for every woman to know how many times the child should be fed according to the age. Know about the baby feeding schedule here.

It is believed that breast-feeding babies feel more hungry than bottle-fed babies because breast milk is lighter and digestible, so it gets digested quickly. In such a situation, the child who is dependent only on mother’s milk, he starts feeling hungry in about 3 to 4 hours. In this way, a baby from one to three months needs to be fed about 8 to 9 times in 24 hours. At the same time, a three-month-old baby should be fed about 7 to 8 times. A six-month-old baby should be fed about 6 times in 24 hours and a 12-month-old baby should be fed four times a day. After six months, mothers usually start feeding other things to the baby and also bottle-feeding. Still, feed the child about 3 to 4 times. Guess the feeding according to the appetite of the child.

Recognize the child’s hunger

Small children are not able to say their words, in such a situation, by recognizing their signals, hunger should be estimated. If your baby is crying out loud, it may be that he is hungry. Apart from this, looking for nipples on adoption, putting hands repeatedly in the mouth is also a sign of hunger of the child.

Why mother’s milk is important for the child

Mother’s milk is said to be the best food for the child because through this the child gets all the necessary elements, which are necessary for his body. Breast feeding gives the baby the power to fight diseases. Apart from this, it protects the child from infectious diseases, allergies and other diseases.

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