Brother gave new life by donating kidney to sister, transplant done in Safdarjung Hospital

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The story we are going to tell you today. Your eyes will become moist after listening to it. A brother has given such a gift to his sister. Which the sister will remember for life. This gift of brother has given new life to sister. If brother did not help his sister in time, her life could have been in danger.

Seema, 30, a resident of Gorakhpupar, has been donated by her brother Kamlesh. Kamlesh’s sister could have died if the kidney transplant was not done in time. This transplant has been done at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. Seema tells that she had a serious kidney problem. After this she went to a private hospital for treatment. Where he was told that his kidney was bad. Which will be transplanted. Its expenditure was said to be 10 to 12 lakh rupees. It was difficult for them to deposit this amount. After this she came to Delhi and got her examined at Safdarjung Hospital. Here too he was asked to undergo a kidney transplant, but the problem was with the donor. When he told this to his brother Kamlesh that he agreed to donate the kidney. Doctors examined Kamlesh and allowed him to transplant.

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Dr Himanshu Verma, HOD, Department of Nephrology, Safdarjung Hospital, said that when the patient came to him, all his tests were done, in which it was found that the kidney is bad and transplant is necessary to save the patient’s life. In this case, it was a good thing that Seema got a donor in time. After the operation, both the siblings are leading a healthy life. Dr Himanshu said that brother has proved by donating kidney to his sister that brother-sister relationship is very unique.

Take care of kidney like this

According to Dr. Himanshu, proper amount of water has to be kept in the body to maintain good kidney health. This greatly reduces the risk of chronic kidney disease.

Rules to prevent kidney failure:

1- Be fit and active. This keeps your blood pressure low, which maintains kidney health.

Keep blood sugar under control regularly, because people with diabetes are at risk of kidney damage.

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