Belly Fat: If there is no workout, then include these 5 things in the diet, the stomach will go inside in a few days

Belly Fat : वर्कआउट नहीं होता, तो इन 5 चीजों को डाइट में करें शामिल, कुछ ही दिनों में अंदर चला जाएगा पेट

Belly fat is considered a very stubborn fat. To reduce it, a lot of papad has to be rolled. But if you do not have a workout, then with the help of these diets you can also reduce this fat.

belly fat

The fat stored in and around the abdomen is called belly fat. Belly fat spoils your entire look, and it is also very difficult to reduce it. Not only this, belly fat is also very harmful for your health. Especially for the heart, due to this, the level of cholesterol in the blood can increase and apart from high BP, all the problems related to the heart can surround the person.

Along with this, it also works to invite problems like diabetes, stress etc. If you are also troubled by belly fat and you do not workout daily, or do not get time, then include some things in your diet. Due to this, the fat stored in and around your stomach will start decreasing rapidly.

1. Start the morning with lemonade and honey. For this, wake up in the morning, lukewarm water without brushing and squeeze lemon in it and mix honey. Drink this water sitting at some place. In a few days, not only around the stomach but the extra fat stored in all the places in the body will start melting.

2. Ajwain water is also considered very beneficial for controlling weight and reducing stomach. Along with this, it also relieves the problem of stomach gas, indigestion and acidity etc. Boil a spoonful of carom seeds in water daily and drink it after half an hour of dinner after taking a sip like tea. You will see the difference in a few days.

3. By not having breakfast in the morning, weight can increase instead of reducing, so have a full breakfast in the morning. Take healthy food like sprouts, upma, idli, poha etc. in breakfast. Do not eat bread. If you want to eat then eat brown bread.

4. If you are serious about slimming your stomach and thick waist, then say goodbye to wheat roti for some time. Instead, eat rotis made from barley and gram flour.

5. Include more and more green vegetables, salads and juicy fruits in your diet. Eat fruit or salad whenever you feel hungry during the day. Apart from this, you can consume puffed rice. By following these rules for a few days, your belly fat will start burning fast.

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