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Avoid heat stroke in summer, adopt grandmother’s home remedies…

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The hot summer has arrived. In such weather, even getting out for a moment in the sun is full of trouble. Today we will tell you some ways to avoid heat stroke.

summer (Summer) As soon as it comes, the problems related to health also start increasing rapidly. Everyone is troubled by this scorching sun, hot air. In summer, no one even wants to step out of the house. this season more diseases (Summer Health Issue) brings a knock. The problem of heatstroke also increases rapidly in this summer season. Be it children or adults, anyone can get heat stroke. However, to avoid the heat, we follow many things. In such a situation, know the symptoms of heatstroke, home remedies to prevent it (Summer Tips) Recipes.

Know what are the symptoms of heatstroke?

– High fever – Sweating – Headache – Shortness of breath – Vomiting and nausea

Why does heat occur in the summer season?

There can be many reasons for heatstroke in the summer season, such as walking barefoot in the sun, walking in the sun without eating or drinking anything, staying in the sun for a long time, coming from the sun and drinking cold water, drinking cold water in the sun. go etc.

protect yourself like this

1) Avoid cold-hot

If you are spending more time in a place where it is very cold or if the cooler or AC is running, then avoid suddenly going into the heat. Leave only after normal temperature.

2) Drink more and more liquids

To avoid heat stroke, your body temperature should be maintained the same, for this drink plenty of water. Apart from water, you can consume buttermilk, lassi, aam panna, jaljeera, curd or fruit juice.

3) Don’t be in the sun during peak times

Avoid going out in strong sunlight from 10 am to 4 pm as far as possible. During this the rays of the sun are very dangerous. Even if you go out, paint your face.

4) Use an umbrella

If you have to go for some important work in the sun, then you can use an umbrella, by doing this you will be able to avoid the wrath of direct sunlight on the head.

Grandmother’s tips to avoid heatstroke

According to the prescription of grandmother and grandmother, the paste of raw mango should be applied on your body when you are suffering from heatstroke. Along with this, mango kernels should be massaged by applying them on the soles of the feet.

Along with this, after grating the Ghiya, rubbing it with Assam on the soles of the feet also gives relief.

Let us tell you that to get rid of heat stroke quickly, you can make a paste by grinding raw onion and then apply it on your body and soles of your feet, it will give relief.

Keep an onion in your pocket while going out in the sun according to the tips of grandmothers.

(The information given in this article is based on general assumptions. NewsNCR Hindi does not confirm them. Follow this only after consulting an expert.)

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