AIIMS study: 28 percent of people who have recovered from corona have hair loss problem

एम्स का अध्ययन: कोरोना से रिकवर हुए 28 फीसदी लोगों को बाल झड़ने की समस्या

Hair loss problem (signal photo)

Even after recovering from Coronavirus, people are facing many types of problems. New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has conducted a study on patients who have been infected with corona. In which it has been found that after recovering from corona, 28 percent of the people have got hair loss problem. This study has been done by the team of senior doctors of AIIMS. In which about 12 doctors were involved.

A team of doctors from AIIMS has studied a total of 1801 people who have recovered from Corona. According to the study, 13 percent of the people have different symptoms of infection even after three months. Of these, 28 percent have had hair loss problems. Apart from this, many other symptoms are also present in people who have recovered from corona. 25 percent of the people are having trouble sleeping. 27 percent of people are complaining of headache, 14 percent of people are complaining of loss of memory.

skin diseases are also happening

Cases of hair loss, shortness of breath and exhaustion are not only being reported in people who have recovered from corona, but skin related problems are also being seen. Cases of red rashes on the skin were seen in seven percent of the people. The problem of discoloration of the skin of the finger and thumb has been seen in four percent of the people.

Decreasing symptoms in people who have taken vaccine doses

In the study, doctors have told that these symptoms gradually reduced in 45 percent of the people who got the dose of corona vaccine. The symptoms were very severe in the patients till the first month of recovery from corona, but after taking the vaccine, these symptoms subsided in two to three months.

These symptoms also appeared after recovery

79 percent of people have weakness

25 percent of people have trouble breathing

18 percent of people lose weight

3.11 percent people have the problem of high blood pressure

take care of

According to doctors, cover your head in the sun while going out. This will protect your hair from the harmful rays and pollution of the sun. Avoid touching the hair again and again. Apply oil to them and comb them daily.

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