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25-year-old boy had 14 kg tumor in his chest, doctors saved his life by doing surgery

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In a private hospital in Gurugram, doctors have removed a tumor of about 14 kg from the chest of a 25-year-old boy. This tumor had occupied most of the chest space of the patient. His lungs were also working only ten percent. This tumor was bigger than a football. Doctors at Fortis Hospital, who performed the surgery for the tumor, claim that it was the largest chest tumor in the world so far, which has been successfully removed.

Delhi resident patient Balveer Sharma (name changed) was brought to Fortis Hospital in a critical condition. He was having trouble breathing. The doctors first examined the patient’s blood and then did an ultrasound. In which it was found that there is a large tumor in his chest. Who had not only covered his heart but also shook the lungs from their place. Senior doctor of the hospital Udgeeth Dhir told that seeing the condition of the patient, it was a big challenge to operate it. For this, a team of specialist doctors was first formed. The patient’s complete medical history was also examined. For surgery, the patient’s chest was opened from both sides using innovative instruments and the main chest bone (sternum) had to be cut in the middle. It was impossible to remove tumors of such a large size with minimal surgery. So there was no option but to open the chest completely. During this entire process, maintaining adequate blood flow in the patient’s body was of paramount importance. Taking care of all the things, the patient’s surgery was done successfully.

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The doctor told that great care was taken in performing the surgery of the patient. Because even the slightest mistake could prove fatal. This was a very risky surgery because of the huge tumor and it was also difficult to perform the surgery because of the many blood vessels. Patient Balveer said that before the surgery, due to this tumor, his weight had become 82 kg. But now he is starting to feel a lot lighter. Now his weight was reduced to 69 kg. Balveer says that after the removal of this tumor, now he is not having any problem in breathing and he is completely healthy.

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