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“We both became more comfortable with each other” – Munawwar Farooqui reveals his friendship with Anjali Arora

Munawwar Farooqui’s disclosure about friendship with Anjali Arora

Munawar Faruqui’s game and his friendship with Anjali Arora became the subject of discussion among the audience in “Lock Up” and also outside “Lock Up”. Now coming out of the show, Munavvar has disclosed many things about this.

‘Stand up’ comedian Munawar Faruqui has become the winner of the first season of ALTBalaji’s reality show “Lock Up”. Before going to this jail, Munavvar had said in an exclusive conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh that he will not find love in this show but will definitely do friendship. However, in this show, his friendship with social media influencer Anjali Arora became a topic of discussion for everyone. Fans liked the chemistry of these two and their bonding so much that they even created a hashtag of “Munjali”. Once again in an exclusive conversation with NewsNCR, Munawwar spoke openly about his and Anjali’s bonding.

Munawwar said that when the Munjali hashtag started trending, I realized that some people are considering it more than friendship, then we tried to go on the backfoot, for some time we went on the backfoot but both of us were together. Became more comfortable with others. We used to forget how it was going to look outside. So that bonding was seen. But there is one thing that we had a lot of respect for each other and even now we both respect each other. That’s why I don’t think we faced any difficulties because of this relationship.

Munawwar spoke openly

Not only Anjali Arora, but Munavwar also spoke openly about the rest of his friends. He said that we cannot tell who will be friends for lifetime because no one comes with validity. But in this show I met very nice people. For the time being, all of them will be busy in their own lives, but we will definitely meet them as soon as they are free. When we get to meet each other outside the show, then we will know with whom we are getting along well, then we can guess with whom we want to spend time.

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In the show, the relationship was kept away from the camera

After coming out of the lock-up, Munavvar also disclosed his relationship with his girlfriend Najila but he did not talk about Najila at all in the show. Talking about this, Munawwar said that “No one knew about my relationship with Nazila. So she was out and I was inside, so it was not right to make this relationship public. Now after the end of this show, I have started talking about my life, expressing myself, so I thought now is the right time to tell everyone about my relationship.

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