Video: Kapil Sharma asked Govinda some questions related to wife Sunita, the actor said “Why are you playing the band”

Video : कपिल शर्मा ने गोविंदा से पूछे पत्नी सुनीता से जुड़े कुछ सवाल, एक्टर बोले ''क्यों बैंड बजा रहे हो''

Kapil Sharma asked Govinda during this show today, ‘Tell me what color earrings is Sunita Ma’am wearing?, You will be surprised to hear Govinda’s answer.

Kapil Sharma – Govinda,

Govinda has reached today’s guest in Sony TV’s comedy program ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Where Govinda has come with him with his wife Sunita and daughter Tina. This is not the first time that Govinda has become a part of this show. The actor has appeared in this show many times to us. Where Govinda’s arrival here, his nephew Krishna Abhishek refused this episode. During the show today, Kapil Sharma took a class of Govinda fiercely. During this entire act, Kapil asked such questions to Govinda about his wife Sunita that Govinda’s entire sitti-pitti became sorrowful.

Kapil Sharma asked Govinda during this show today that ‘Tell me what color earrings is Sunita ma’am wearing? What color nail paint is applied? Govinda did not give any answer to all these questions of Kapil. Govinda did not know any answer to any of Kapil’s questions. Where Govinda said at the end of it, “Question asking or playing my band?”

Hearing this answer of Govinda, his wife Sunita was very shocked and she told Kapil that “Dude Kapil, you are asking all these stories. You ask me, let me tell you what color she is wearing. Hearing this from Sunita, Kapil Sharma, Govinda and Archana Puran Singh started laughing out loud.

Kapil’s show has become boring

Let us tell you, this new season of Kapil Sharma has become very boring, where the audience has become very bored seeing Kapil in the same style. Kapil’s style has also changed a lot these days. Where earlier many types of acts were seen inside the show. Now nothing like this is seen in this show. Apart from Kiku Sharda and Bharti Singh, no one in this show seems to be able to make the audience laugh. Not many changes have been made in the script of the show as well and the show is going on like last time.

Kapil’s joke has no power

There was a time when the audience used to watch this show and used to laugh a lot at Kapil’s jokes, but now no such special thing is seen in this show. There is no point in calling a song a comedy or insulting a person in the name of jokes. The name of the new stars who have been added to this show is Sudesh Lahiri, Sudesh Lahiri’s style does not make sense in this show, he starts tearing down any song anywhere. How can anyone laugh at showing something like this in a twisted manner?

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