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Video: Fan gave 500 rupees to Sara Ali Khan on the road! The ‘Daughter of the Nawabs’ quickly caught on to the money; watch funny videos

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In the video, Sara Ali Khan has to convey money to the people coming on the way, Sara has to ask people in different ways and collect money by showing her talent.

Sara Ali Khan (Sara Ali KhanA video of ) is becoming quite viral on social media. In this video, a fan of Sara Ali Khan first takes a selfie with her and then later catches Sara for 500 rupees. Sara gets very happy seeing 500 rupees and pounces on money. First of all, after watching the video, it seems that why did Sara break down on 500 rupees like this? She herself is the daughter of the Nawabs and Saif Ali Khan (Saif Ali Khan) daughters. Actually, the matter is such that Sara Ali Khan has got a task in which comedian Queen Bharti Singh (Bharti Singh) are also included. This funny video of Sara Ali Khan is being liked a lot on social media.

What is Sara Ali Khan’s task?

In the video, Sara Ali Khan has to convince people on the way to give them money, Sara has to ask people in different ways and collect money by showing her talent. In such a situation, Sara targets some people and reaches asking them for money, in which Bharti also helps them, during this time the unlimited fun of Sara and Bharti also continues. If she does not see the demand for money from the first fan being fulfilled, then she goes to the second.

The other person is an auto guy who refuses to give clear money to Sara, now suddenly a cool boy meets Sara on the way who stops seeing the actress and offers to give 500 rupees, Sara is also happy goes. In return, Sara takes a selfie with the boy. On seeing the money, Sara pounces on the 500 note and happily takes the money. After this Sara reaches another Radam person who talks about giving 100 rupees to Sara, Sara does not agree and moves on. Another person meets Sara, who makes her sit on his bike, gets her rounds and also gives 500 rupees. In such a situation, Sara is able to complete her task.

Watch that funny video of Sara and Bharti here

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Further, after getting this money, Sara immediately runs away from there and Bharti is seen fighting in a funny way that Sara did not give her her share of earnings. In such a situation, what Sara does with this earning, see in the video.

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