The Kapil Sharma Show: Virender Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif revealed Sourav Ganguly’s poll, told that they were the most superstitious in the team

The Kapil Sharma Show : वीरेंद्र सहवाग और मोहम्मद कैफ ने खोली सौरव गांगुली की पोल, बताया टीम में थे सबसे अंधविश्वासी

The Kapil Sharma Show

In The Kapil Sharma Show, Virender Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif exposed many cricketers of the team. He told that Sourav Ganguly was the most superstitious in the team.

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Cricketers Virender Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif have come as special guests in Saturday’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. Both had a lot of fun in Kapil Sharma’s show. Kapil Sharma asked a lot of questions to Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif on the show, after which he exposed many cricketers.

Kapil Sharma asks some things about the cricketers from both the cricketers. Kapil asks who was the most superstitious in the team. On this, Sehwag and Kaif told that Sourav Ganguly was the most superstitious in the team. Mohammad Kaif told that once he was sitting in the match holding the garland worn around his neck and kept praying.

There are many God’s photos in Sourav Ganguly’s chain

Virender Sehwag tells that you will find the pictures of all the Gods of the world in the peace that is around Dada’s neck. Sapphire, Monga are all the stones of the world. They all have them. If you look at the photo of Lord’s grandfather, then he is swirling the T-shirt in it, then at that time you will see in his neck how many Gods are hanging in it to see peace. Kapil says I did not notice this at that time but now I will see again.

used to do this when bad times came

Sehwag further says that Dada had one thing. Whenever his bad times came, neither he used to take anything from the team whose good times were going on. Took his good time and used to give his bad time by giving him one of his things. Grandpa has done this a lot.

Archana Puran Singh asked Sehwag whether he had ever gone to party or meet someone hiding from the coach. On this, Sehwag narrated an anecdote from the IPL. He told that once the team had lost, after which the coach had said that no one would go to the party. But later everyone was gone. After which our coach came to the party with a stick in his hand and took everyone back from the party with a stick.

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