The Kapil Sharma Show: Mohammad Kaif had made a plan to insult Shoaib Akhtar, told a funny story

The Kapil Sharma Show : शोएब अख्तर की बेज्जती करने के लिए मोहम्मद कैफ ने बनाया था प्लान, सुनाया मजेदार किस्सा

Mohammad Kaif narrated a funny anecdote

In today’s episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Virender Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif have come as special guests. He will tell many funny stories in the show.

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Every week special guests come to The Kapil Sharma Show. With whom the team of Kapil Sharma has a lot of fun. Cricketers Virender Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif have come in today’s episode. In both the shows, many old tales are seen telling the audience. Mohammad Kaif narrated a funny anecdote related to Shoaib Akhtar.

Mohammad Kaif told that he used to enjoy going to Pakistan and insulting the cricketer there. Similarly, once he had insulted Pakistani bowler Shoaib Akhtar. For this he had already made a plan.

made a special plan

Kapil Sharma says that Shoaib Akhtar bowls very well. He goes ahead while bowling. Once you too started walking towards him. Then he didn’t bowl the ball. What was that story, Kaif paji.

Mohammad Kaif says what was that, I had to insult him. He is a famous bowler. His record is very long. Sehwag has hit many sixes on his bowling. We got less chance. So when he came, I also started walking and coming. Then he stopped bowling. That’s all I had to do. I will go ahead, this guy will stop here. Will not bowl. That was just my plan. I used to insult cricketers a lot by going to Pakistan.

mohd kaif gave funny answer to kapil

Sehwag and Kaif come to Kapil Sharma’s show. Kapil says that Kaifi Paji Veeru Bhai has come on the show many times, you have come for the first time. Our show is running since 2013, this show you did not know the way or no one told you that you are popular, you can come. Kaif gave a funny answer. He said- I have known him since his show was not a hit. I got these on the flight after being hit. Hi hello done but never called in the show. When called today, I ran away.

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