Tere Bina Jiya Jane Na: Actor Avinesh Rekhi reduced his weight by 13 kg for his new serial, know what was his diet plan

Tere Bina Jiya Jane Na : अपने नए सीरियल के लिए एक्टर अविनेश रेखी ने घटाया 13 किलो वजन, जानिए क्या था उनका डाइट प्लान

Avinesh Rekhi reduced 13 kg

It is said that when you want something from your heart, then the whole universe goes into getting it to match you! Zee TV’s upcoming show Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na is one such story of a girl named Krisha Chaturvedi, who has always dreamed of a prince and then this happens that Kainaat makes her dream come true. This is the story of Krisha, played by Anjali Tatrari, a simple girl who falls in love with Devraj i.e. Avinesh Rekhi. Both these actresses are working very hard for their characters.

In this serial we will see that when Krisha comes to Ambikapur in a grand palace. Seeing Devraj, then, a wish awakens in her heart that she will start her fairy tale with the love of her life, Devraj, who is himself the heir of the royal family. In this show, the lavish television actor Avinesh Rekhi will play the role of Prince Devraj with a royal style. Devraj’s chivalry and demeanor show that he is truly the prince of everyone’s fairy world.

working hard for the show

Although actor Avinesh plays every character with great vigor, but after Chhoti Sardarni, he had to work hard to be seen in the role of Young Charming Prince of ‘Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na’. In fact, he lost 13 kg in a very short time for this show and now he is looking dashing like Prince Devraj. Describing his weight loss journey, this actor told what acted as the biggest inspiration for him.

Lose 13 kg in less time

Avinesh Rekhi says, “Weight loss is like a nightmare not only for me but for many people. Because it is a very difficult task. I have been a fitness lover all my life, but this time it was very difficult for me. While I had lost 13 kilos in a short span of time, I was also very surprised, because I had never lost weight so quickly before. But I believe that if you have perseverance, accurate estimates and motivation along with a strict diet and right workout schedule, then you will get the expected results.

used to eat only once

Avinesh further says that in my diet, I used to eat food only once a day. Since eating only once a day is considered unhealthy, I would not recommend it to people. I know a lot about diet, so I was able to make sure that I take vitamins. Talking about my workouts, I used to do only functional training. I did not go to the gym for any weight training. I only did functional training with the necessary bands, conditional workouts, push-ups and pull-ups.”

Very excited for the show

Actor Avinesh, who is playing the character of Devraj, further talks about his transformation journey and says that I would like to say that the whole process was very difficult, but my biggest inspiration was ‘Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na’. When I was offered this show, they were supposed to give me a bare body for most of the sequences. So this became my biggest motivation to stay in shape. My transformation for this show was really challenging, but I am very satisfied with it and now I am excited to see myself on screen. I am sure it will be a treat for all my fans too.

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