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Super Dancer Chapter 4: Papa does cobbler’s work, mother asks for utensils, everyone becomes emotional after listening to Dharmendra’s story

Dharmendra’s father works as a cobbler, while his mother goes to wash the dishes of others. The judge was stunned to see Dharmendra dancing in a Contemporary style on the song ‘Kya Kabhi Amber Se’ from Bahubali 2.

Dharmendra hi story

There is such talent in rural areas of a country like India, which is always looking for a chance. In today’s viral era, the internet is not less than a boon for those who dream of taking a high flight. Their talent, imprisoned within the four walls, comes out very openly due to the Internet and after that the team of reality shows reaches them. Like Dance Deewane 3, such talent is being seen on the stage of Super Dancer, whose eyes will be moistened after listening to the story. Contestant Dharmendra is one of these people.

Dharmendra’s father works as a cobbler, then his mother goes to wash the utensils of others. Judges were stunned to see Dharmendra dancing in a Contemporary style on the song ‘Kya Kabhi Amber Se’ from Bahubali 2. His dream is that he wants to see his mother and father wearing clothes like ‘big people’. After seeing Dharmendra’s performance, the three judges stood up and played applause for him. So Shilpa Shetty climbed the CD for her, stating that this act is above super. The young Dharmendra, standing on the stage with his mother’s father, got emotional after seeing this honor and started crying. Seeing the appreciation of his son, Dharmendra’s parents also had tears in their eyes.

Shilpa Shetty hugs

Geeta told him, his performance was the best performance ever, which touched his heart. After giving excellent performance on stage, the three judges were also emotional with Shilpa Shetty after listening to Dharmendra’s story. Shilpa Shetty’s mother immediately embraced the mother of Dharmendra (Dharmendra) as soon as she went on stage.

Dharmendra wants to marry sisters

Dharmendra, who comes on the stage of Super Dancer, wants to get his sisters married. His parents, who came on stage with him, are unable to get any marriage due to the poverty of their two daughters. However, the judges gave him the courage and said that everything will be alright soon.

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