Shahrukh Khan’s brand value at stake, but is Aryan Khan’s arrest the reason behind this?

आर्यन की गिरफ्तारी का पिता शाहरुख खान के काम पर पड़ रहा है तगड़ा असर, ट्विटर पर  #Boycott_SRK_Related_Brands हो रहा है ट्रेंड

Shahrukh Khan’s troubles increased

Shah Rukh Khan is not only physically broken due to Aryan Khan’s arrest, but he is also suffering financial loss. Shahrukh’s brand value is at stake after Aryan Khan’s arrest in drugs case. After this case, Byjus has already banned Shahrukh’s advertisements. Shahrukh not only endorses this brand, but he is a shining face of dozens of brands for which he charges crores of rupees. From cars to home furnishings, the actor has a huge business portfolio.

Is Shahrukh’s brand value at risk due to Aryan Khan’s arrest in drugs case? This was answered by famous ad man Prahlad Kakkar in his recent interview to Hindustan Times. Prahlad Kakkar believes that Aryan Khan’s arrest has been made a mere farce. Prahlad feels that Shahrukh Khan’s brand value is under threat, but Aryan Khan is not the reason for that.

Shahrukh Khan’s brand value is under threat

He said that the rivals can definitely say that the son of your brand ambassador has been arrested in the drugs case, what are you teaching the children? Prahlad said that he does not need to give any kind of reply to such attacks. Instead of removing them, one should wait to see what the outcome is. Aryan has just been caught, it is a political thing and everyone understands it. In the end they have to let him go.

Talking about the brand value of Shahrukh after Aryan’s arrest, according to the report, Prahlad Kakkar said that Shahrukh’s brand value is no longer as strong as it was before, that too when his films were doing much better. There were more people watching him back then than now, so brand value has naturally suffered. However, the episode related to his son cannot be held responsible for this.

Not only Prahlad, another trade expert Atul Mohana also believes the same. According to the report, Atul says that this time is very difficult for Shahrukh and him. However, he also says that this case will not affect the brand value of Shahrukh. Atul said that I think he will emerge stronger after this. Will be eagerly waiting for this even more. This is creating sympathy for the Khan family and increasing anger towards the system.

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