Ranveer Singh had received offers from many quiz shows, know why he agreed only for ‘The Big Picture’?

रणवीर सिंह को मिले थे कई क्विज शो के ऑफर, जानिए सिर्फ 'The Big Picture' के लिए ही क्यों भरी हामी?

Actor Ranveer Singh

The excitement is increasing among the audience about the upcoming quiz show ‘The Big Picture’ hosted by Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh. With this TV show, Ranveer is all set to start his journey on television. He was also recently seen hosting the grand launching event of the show. During this event, Ranveer made many surprising revelations, which has made the audience even more excited about this upcoming event.

However, the most exciting moment was when Ranveer admitted that he has been getting offers from many quiz shows even before this. After ten years of hard work and one-of-a-kind acting performances, it is certain that Ranveer Singh is in high demand. In this event, Ranveer not only told about the TV offers he got earlier, but also revealed why he finally agreed to do ‘The Big Picture’?

Ranveer Singh turned down offers to host several quiz shows

Talking on this, Ranveer Singh said, “For the last six years I have been getting offers from many quiz formats, but none of them seemed interesting to me. No one can guess about ‘The Big Picture’ and its specialty is really exciting. As soon as I got this offer, I accepted it quickly. We are living in a visual age and every human being is experiencing visual experiences in some form or the other every day.

He further added that ‘The Big Picture’ is a visual-based quiz show, which makes it quite different from others. I have been a fan of quiz shows since I was a kid and I am very happy to think that today I am going to host a quiz show myself.”

Elaborating on his preparations for hosting the show, he said, “I think working in TV is more challenging than in films because you get a lot of time to prepare for films, but in TV, you get to work quickly. It has to be done and it is very stressful. I have learned a lot from TV and I have realized that it has endless possibilities.”

Looks like Ranveer has full faith in ‘The Big Picture’. With Ranveer’s bountiful energy and unique visual concept, the show is really going to be different from others. So keep your best frames ready, because ‘The Big Picture’ is going to bring some great memories.

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